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FitBit Challeges!


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Happy New Year... to you all ☺

Was just wondering if there is any FitBit'ers out there....who are willing to do challenges each week. A bit of fun...that will keep us motivated.
I already team up with about 6 - 10 people every week to do the Challenges ( I only actually physically know 2 of them...the others are friends of my 2 friends)
I realize not everyone is motivated by group challenges....Some, just prefare to set their own personal fitness targets on their own, And that fine....everyone is different.
Me personally....the FitBit Challenges keeps me motivated.
Feel free to message me if your interested in getting a FitBit challenge going.

Wishing everyone a very :character00116:Healthy & Happy New Year :whacky068:

Toni :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance: