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French Sleeve - Two month post op


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Dear All,

I've only every written to the Patient.net group, but thought I'd say a few things here about my progress.

I had a BMI of 32/33 which meant that the NHS and UK private hospitals would not take me. I researched other countries and found Belgium and France we able to take me. The sleeve fee was about £6,000 which is a lot of money, but half that of the UK.

I wanted a sleeve as my wonderful wife had a sleeve some 7 years ago, and went from a size 20 to a size 12. She's stayed at that size for almost all of that time.

I looked at this and other forums and saw that the Le Harve hospital would take me. So, I went to France for about 5 days. I travelled on my own and my wife met me there on the day of my op. All of the travelling arrangements were handled by the hospital, there and back to CDG airport.

I met some very interesting and amazing people who were also travelling the same sleeve journey. They were very supportive.

The surgery itself is never going to be a walk in the park; it is, after all, major surgery. I was glad of my wife's help in it all.

Post op, I took two weeks off work and took it easy. I am back at work and am back to full strength.

I started at 17 stone 3 pounds; after two months I am 13 stone 6 pounds. I look different in the face, and am in clothes I'd not worn for YEARS!

Ask me any questions if I can help. I know there are folk with lots of experience on this forum!


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That’s an amazing loss in such a short space f time, congratulations on well and truly getting on the losers bench and it is encouraging to hear that your lovely wife is still doing well.