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funding granted.


New Member
After 18 months of jumping through hoops to get funding I finally got a letter to say I had been approved. I only waited 3 weeks which appears to be very quick. I am over the moon. Just waiting for an appt to see the surgeon now. No idea how long that will take. Very excited but very scared at the same time. I will keep you all posted with my progress. Xxx


Wow 18 months is a long time to have to wait
I bet your over the moon now you've got funding.... I hope its not too long wait for your surgery, good luck x

Mrs Quiggle

New Member
Oh that's brilliant. Hope it all goes really quickly from now. I waited 3 years in all, 2 years from referal but I had a heart attack and had to wait a further year because of the meds I was on afterwards. It's been the best thing I've ever done though so well worth the wait.

Kate x


New Member
Thanks. I had to do a year weight management. Once my forms went for funding it took just 2.5 weeks. I have a lot of emotions going around my head though. Some good some bad x