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Is it just me........


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Waited over two years for funding and now i get impatient !!!!!!
have been seeing my GP and Dr Jenkins at the Worcester Royal for over two years and now I have been granted NHS funding (after being turned down twice)
since i received my letter have been noticing how slowly the secon hand on the clock seems to be ticking lol....
Just because i have been granted funding does this mean i still have years of waiting and grilling to be accepted by Mr Super?
Thanks in advance

Paul :sigh:


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Hi Bullyfun
I'm sorry to hear that you have had to wait a long time ... I can empathise with you a little as mine is heading up to a year and that seems long enough. Regarding funding, I don't even think mine has been applied for yet and I really don't know how it all works quite honestly.

I hope it's not much longer for you, you do appear to have been very patient ... fingers crossed it will all start moving for you soon.


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just noticed in my diary i have an appointment with Dr Jenkins tomorrow morning, I'll ask him to see what he can do for me lol. :flirt2:

also if theres a moderator looking at this post any ideas how i can log in and update my profile with weight and stuff it says im not permitted yet or something but i can log on to post??? (obviously lol )



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Paul if you've already been granted funding how long is it since you got it? Usually once funding is granted the appointments start coming thick and fast lol. Have you seen the surgeon yet to talk about your op choice? I'd start kicking a** and get some appointments chased upxx

gaelic girl

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Hi Paul
I had my op privately so not the best person to advise on waiting times, but i just wanted to say welcome to minis and good luck with your journey i hope it moves quicker for you. You have to post 50 posts before you can add your details i'm sure so get posting ha ha x


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thanks for advice on posting lol....... shall try harder

phone the hospital for advice and i have moved house too so need to change address as well (dont want to miss a letter do i )
only to be told hartlands is having a new it system so nothing is getting onto or out of a pc till next week, so i guess its a week before i can see where i am, as i said im seeing Mr Jenkins this morning so ill have a chat to see if he can push anything through have been on diet management for sooooo long and managed to lose 2 1/2 stone since jan with xenical but need the backup am currently 23.2 and cheesed off with not being able to do normal things.

well update you all later

have a good day



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well seen Dr Jenkins and have been told I should be the proud owner of the band within 5 or 6 months.
he said I will have my first appointment in 2 to 3 months and then usually in to be done as it were within a few weeks after that.
he has made one final appointment to see him on the 24th march for him to see how im coping after my op.

Decent chap Dr Jenkins has been extremely kind and attentive throughout.