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Gastric Sleeve in 3 days time

Gastric Sleeve is booked for Monday 22 May 2017. Three weeks done on milk diet and 19 lbs down. Scared and excited all in one go.

Packed my bag last night and brought it to reality. Life is never going to be the same, but I'm taking it as a positive and life is getting better. Onwards and upwards, let's do this. See you all on the other side, I'll update you all on my recovery. Anita x
Well peeps. You've probably seen from my other post that on Monday my op was cancelled five minutes before I was due in. Was well miffed, but if a genuine emergency happened then clearly they needed the theatre more urgently than me.

Been given a new date today of 19 June. 3 more weeks of blooming milk and yoghurt.

A bit concerned cos I go on hols 5 weeks after op, but only in this country. And self catering most of time.. worse case scenario I can always come home.

Let you know how I get on then x


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Yes I'm glad you have a date at least. Keep going and fingers crossed for your second attempt x