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RNY Gastric Bypass getting married in 8 weeks -help


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morning all! i have lost just over 6 stone with rny and have settled at this weight but am getting married in 8 weeks and am desperate to lose last stone to fit well into my dress. I have checked out what i am eating with the dietician at the hospital i had surgery at and she tells me my diet is good and perhaps this is where i am due to stop - however i really want to lose more for what i never thought would happen to me and would really appreciate some help and tips. I havent been excercising lately as i have had a bad back and a shoulder injury but am due to return to the gym tomorrow who are happy to give me the support and workout plan to best acheive the areas of concern - wings etc! please help lovely ladies! thanking you in anticipation! xx:love047::love047::love047::love047::love047::love047::love047:

jo_ jo

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Congatualtions on your wedding. What about joining slimming world or weight watchers and see if that helps?

i do know that i can stick at the same weight for months then suddenley drop half a stone while eatting the same foods

Good luck



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Hi Jan and congrats!

There are a few bypassers who are doing the WW new plan, such as phatmomma and they are doing well on it.

Might be worth a try! Good luck x