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Hi Newbie.

Mrs Quiggle

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Hi I'm Kate and my bypass surgery is due on the 7th November at St. Georges Tooting. I week left till I start my pre-op diet.

I'm married to Tim and have 2 children aged 12 and 13. Looking forward to chatting to everyone and comparing notes.

Love Kate x :wavey:


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Welcome to the site :)


A Very Happy Bunny
Hi Kate & Welcome, congratulations on your op date ... not long now. We are friendly & there is a wealth of experience to be tapped if you need it, Good Luck, honey xxx :)


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Hi Kate,

Welcome to the site, it really is a friendly place full of wonderful people!

Whereabouts are you from?

I was under St Georges for a while but now am on the waiting list for surgery at St Peters in Chertsey. Oh, and I did a lot of my training at St Georges!



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welcome kate, good luck on your journey :) xxx


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Welcome Kate :)
I had my surgery under St George's and was really pleased. Good luck with your surgery xxx