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How bad would it be if I cheated...


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I’ve stuck to the milk and stock cube diet for ten days, my surgery is in a week.

My weight when I started was 19stone and now it’s 17.12

But I’m feeling super low. I’ve been on a three day course, my husband is out for the night, all I want to do is put the kids to bed and have chicken tikka and a glass of wine.

I don’t think I can resist. I’ve been so good. Milk, stock cube and water alone for ten days.

Will it really be so bad if I do this?


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It's not about the weight you've lost, it's wether your liver has shrunk enough for the surgeon to move it safely.

If you don't stick to the diet, your liver might not shrink and you might not get the surgery.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but it does happen. People go into theatre and the surgeon can't perform the op.

Stay strong and make sure you're having the milk you should (re your previous thread) x


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It is hard but think of the bigger picture. This surgery is going to change your life forever. You won’t be able to eat the same way again and some of your favourite foods, might not agree with you anymore therefore you’ll have to let them go for good. It is tough love but if you can’t stick to the pre-op diet, will you stick to the “diet” after surgery which is for the rest of your life?
Mind over matter. You can do this x


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I cheated with a piece of chicken... no wine, but I still feel terrible about myself. I think it’s just the tradition of things that I have to let go of.

Bling Babe

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You really must stay strong; as Mazza says it’s all about shrinking the liver at this stage but I can only reiterate was Laaux has said, this is for life, I’m constantly considering thinking about the things I won’t be able to tolerate post op now it’s so close but I know deep down I can do this I’m just beginning to mourn food. Stay very strong, I can’t comment on whether the chicken will spoil your surgery but I can tell you I’m going to a wedding when I’m on my pre op milk diet and my surgeon has agreed to me having a plain chicken salad when I go, it will be on day 3 of my milk diet