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how much have you lost


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Im 10 weeks post op and have lost about 3 1/2 stone but last week i only lost 1 1/2 lb. I was just wondering how much other people had lost and does anyone else only lose small amounts x


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3st 8lbs I'm 8 weeks post op on Thursday :)


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what sort of things do you eat to lose that much weight so soon ive had band since last april and only lost 17lb
I was 100lbs heavier than you so I will lose more, for 2 weeks pre-op I was on the milk diet then I had 4 weeks of more milk/yog/clear soups, then purees, now soft foods.


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Weight loss is generally a lot faster with bypass than band. I've lost almost 4 1/2 stone in 8 weeks plus 2 weeks preop diet but I couldn't eat for 13 days as I had a stricture.
Everyone's weight loss is different. The only advice I have is stick to your providers advice like glue. That's what I've done.


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I've lost 35 kg or 77 lbs or 5 st 7 lbs since sep 3rd 2013!

And I'm very happy

To get to a BMI of 25 I need to lose another 20 kg or 3 st


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Some weeks I lose a chunk, some weeks I'm lucky to lose half a pound. In just over 5 months I've lost over 5 stone with my band, so no complaints here!:D


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I've just worked it out properly and ive lost 3st 9lbs in 11 weeks. Im 9 weeks post bypass but included the milk diet too.

I've had 3 slow weeks only losing a couple of pounds. These 3 weeks were the time during ovulation, LH and my period. The week coming on I lost 9lbs. Its amazing how hormones can affect weight loss. Intake and activity were pretty much the same too!

It'll happen :)


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I have lost 3 stone from oct 29th till Christmas then only one pound since then so sometimes the body levels out and has a rest, I am eating some things but still bringing a lot back especially fish chicken and eggs also orange tangerine crackers apples, chewing well but rarely it stays down. I try not to worry as it will come off.....eventually !


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I was sleeved on 5th October and have lost 4 stone 9 pounds since then! Down to under 13 stone which is making me very happy! Think even if I didn't lose any more I would be happy now. Life is good :).


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I had my bypass on the 11th of June 2013 by 10 weeks I had lost about 6 and half stone, and it's 7 months since my op now and I have lost a little over 12 stone to date. I've only recently started to noticed it slow up, but only to 2Ib a loss each week. But we're all different in our rates of loss :)

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I had my op on 22 Feb 2013 and have lost a total of 8 and a half stone.

I've lost nothing for a handful of weeks and that has been the pattern through most of my 'journey'.

Some people lose steadily every week while others have fits and starts xx


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I only weigh myself once a month, very difficult not to keep 'checking' but wanted to break the habit of jumping on the scales every other day. So this month I've lost 10 lbs yah! Getting very close to 100 lb loss. Health wise feel great, and looking better too ;). BMI has gone from 51 to 34, wish I'd done this years ago. Good luck everyone xxx


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I had my bypass on 17th April 2013 and have lost 8 stone in total and now at target weight with my BMI going from 42 to 24, so very happy with the results and would recommend bypass to anyone who has struggled with their weight like the majority of us on here. Best thing I've ever done!

Weight loss did slow down near the end and lots of stalls, but it evens out over the whole period when you look back & its to be expected.


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I had my RNY on 20th Feb 13 weighing 21 stone 7, i now weigh 10 stone 7 and have lost 12 stones. A dress size 28/30 to now a 10/12.


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