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1 week post op - how am i doing?

well i managed to fight the temptation to weigh myself daily and left it an entire week post op before weighing myself. I've lost 5 lb which i was happy with until i looked at some other peoples weight loss including 2 ladies who had their op the same time as me and they both lost 12 lb, now i'm feeling a little dissapointed and wondering if im doing something wrong? im sticking to 6 small meals, getting my protein, veggies etc and drinking as much fluids as i can physically get in. my typical daily intake consists of:

Breakfast - 1/2 packet of oat so simple porridge
snack - 1/2 muller light yogurt
lunch - 200ml of soup
snack - low fat Dairy lee cheese triangle
Tea - tbsp mash, tbsp carrot & suede, corned beef & gravy.
snack - other 1/2 of muller light yogurt

150ml 100% pure fruit juice
2 x 250ml coffee
1 x 250ml milky coffee
1ltr NAS squash

my physical activity has been less than usual with being off work and obviously only being out of hospital a week, but that will increase as i start to feel more energetic i guess.


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I put in weight I weighed in about 2weeks after off having issues in hospital, I put on n was gutted, but look at me now am 9st 10lbs down since July, don't worry about others babe, ur body does it's own thing

Ur doing great xxxx


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everybody is different hun, the weight will come off... some people faster than others... and also some people will platau for a couple of weeks, and some dont, so dont be disheartened when you read other peoples weightlosses... you will lose the weight xx

Mrs Quiggle

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You're loss is fab lovely. Those other people may have been bigger to begin with. I'm one of the lighter ones being reffered at 18st and mine has gone fairly slowly too. It will come off, it has not other choice but to do so. It's just that you are going to lose more in a couple of weeks time when they are having a stall for a bit. It's all relevant and you'll get there.

Love Kate x


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Don't worry about the rate of weight loss. As long as it is coming off you have all the time in the world. Also I always think that the slower the weight loss the more time your skin has to shrink a bit to catch up. I too am a slow loser but the loss is steady and I am really pleased. You are doing really, really well.

My only concern is that you are eating corned beef and mashed vegetables at just one week post bypass. If that is ok with your dietician then forgive me but I would hate for you to damage your new tummy pouch :)


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... your doing great Lea. Eating very similar to me and losing about the same as me too. don't worry about it. it will all come of at it's own pace. well done!! xxx
Thanks everyone your post are very reassuring, I was worried I was doin something wrong. I did loose 3 stone pre op an weighed 16 st 13 on the day of my op so suppose you might be right kate my start weight is less than most which may effect my loss.

Mandy at Sunderland Royal the dietician advises 4-6 weeks pureed diet post op (no fluids only stage like some hospitals. Mash is acceptable at the puree stage so long as the individual can tolerate it and I drown it in gravy with half a slice of corned beef blended into it, the veg is also pureed hin so I am followin the guidlinesn although struggling at times I must admit. X