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just want to winge a bit.... (not wls related just me feeling sorry for meself)


Born Free
.... :needhug:

I'm having one of those weeks - nowts gone right; its dark, cold and I'm tired and feel like c**p with a capital K. I cant sleep properly because I cant get comfortable because of my fat belly. I have pain everywhere - hips, knees, feet, back, shoulders - every move I make is followed with a grimace. I'm suposed to be starting swimming again to night but woke up with a frozen shoulder this morning - hopefully it'll ease of by then.... Feel mahoosively humongus this week even though I've been good; just feel so bloated; and the dam scales aren't moving much. Need a haircut too but got no money until payday. Just feel like lying on the floor and having a good cry.:cry:

sorry - just wanted to have a whine... mebbe if I write it down it will go away!

Roll on 3rd Feb when I get my balloon - I can't wait!
not long to go now just write down all the good things you are looking forward to and leave the bad behind :) hope you feel better soon xx
Aw sweetheart :wave_cry: hope you feel a bit better by now :) Swimming will help you aches & pains. Not too long to wait now ... 4 weeks will fly by :) xxx
Hunni I know how you feel , just done my own thread on feeling low , its crap isn't it ?
Hugs xx
Wish i could wave a wand so everyone has better times :(
As its in the repair shop have a hug instead:gen126:
Hope you find some sunshine in your day and can smile and laugh even just once xxxxxxxxxx
i've just had a visit from my best friend she has bought me a pile of clothes from the sales in Blackpool and as i am 50 on monday they are my birthday present :) i have a lovely purple top to wear when my family visit on sunday now :) and best of all is size 22 from 26/28 less than 2 months ago. She always is there for me and has definitely cheered me up xx
That is brilliant !!!!
thanks guys - your kind words are much appreciated. :wave_cry:

I guess I was just having one of those weeks! Feeling better today - had a couple of good nights sleep over the weekend and that's helped tremendously. Neck/shoulder easing off now so will be swimming this Friday and hopefully will get the scales moving in the right direction. Plus - hubs booked a holiday (a week abroad in May) so I now have something else to look forward to (as well as the Balloon)

Hey, way to go Angie - that's a heck of a dress-size drop in a short time!