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Losers Ben h , soon?


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I All,
I am day 3 post op and sitting in my hotel rm in Vilvoorde. Apparently can't leave until Sunday, just in case of complications, which haven't occurred!
Tolerating cup a soup, yogurt in quite small amounts. Definitely not feeling hungry.
Worst part was having my two drains out , uncomfortable. But all said and done , not a bad experience at all.

los in it

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hello and welcome to the losers bench !
rest up and enjoy your new life x


Glad to hear everything went well roll on Sunday you can get back home and to your own surroundings . Good luck with ur weight loss journey X


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This is post op day 5, back to work Sunday if still feeling ok.
Here's the thing, surgeon said I had a pouch of approx 50mls, (was revision from band with adhesions). True, I don't feel hungry, definetly dehydrated lucky to get in 500mls/24hrs? will make an appt to see my GP and get lab work, vitamins prescribed. Fingers crossed of course! Feeling weak-ish hollow tummy feeling, mixing my cup a soup etc with protein powder etc, can tolerate a crisp bake with low fat spread, yuuccck'!, I love butter. So sip , stop and wait for feeling full which doesn't happen. I think post op swelling and brain slow catching up with body signal! I would usually down 500mls in a minute if thirsty, sipping a new learning curve.