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Managed Prawns for First Time


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Whoopie managed some prawns for first time post op. no pain, no sickness & now no fear. Took it very very slowly. So pleased - a new food!
Good for you hun. Can only imagine how hard this is for you.
Thx it is but
I am rising to the challenge the Dietiian has set me this week. I actually manged quite a bit of small portions yesterday & definitely improved my protein intake.
In honour of the Queen's Jubilee I manage a very small glass of an expensive & delicious red wine last night. First alcoholic drink since Christmas but I wanted a little treat. Funny it satisfied me & don't want any more. Pre op I would have drunk the whole bottle to myself. And hey today I found I'd lost 2lbs & seems my stall has relaxed. Maybe trying to eat tht little bit extra has worked?
Well done , small steps will soon turn into bigger steps . Doesn't matter how long it takes , what does matter is that you are making progress , go girl xx
I joined pre op & it has been a rel life line. Sharing tips & advice has been great & we are all experiencing the weight loss fight.
I had a sleeve at end of February & have lost just over 6 stones & 5 dress sizes. Had a few problems mainly due to allergies to the post op medication but now getting there. I have honestly never looked back & it's the best thing I've ever done.
OMG 6 stone since feb. I sooo hope that when I get my sleeve I do as well as you. well done you lucky thing. Or as the saying goes breathe on me plse!
Ha ha ha not mine either now lost 104 lbs started boosting my intake with protein shakes & it has kik started my weight loss again. Good luck with your sleeve op. when is it scheduled?
I hope 6 months down the line I will have lost that much, prawns yum a favourite food, dare I chance them yet?, i could blizt them with some cocktail sauce I suppose.
I slow cooked them at your stage Jill and was fine. they were a bit mushy tho
Really fancy them now so im going to try them tonight. Am I suppose to be calorie counting? no one has told me to.
Really fancy them now so im going to try them tonight. Am I suppose to be calorie counting? no one has told me to.

I found Tesco's or Sainsburys low calorie prawn cocktail very easy to get down but chewed well. Yesterday had prawn & smoked salmon salad over looking the sea in Dieppe France. Went down OK but took ages to eat. I wasn't told to calorie count either but try to get 60 g protein. day. I do keep an eye on calories but if you stay less than 5% fat, sugar free/ low sugar & reasonable low carbs you should be OK.