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March 2015 Surgeries


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Oh hi guys it's been foreever, hope all is well with everyone it will be a year on March 24th since I had my bypass, I have lost 9.5 stone from my highest of 23.5 stone, all has been well and no complications, just been real busy, bmi has dropped from 48 to 28, I still have about 2 stones to lose but the weight loss has slowed down a lot. Anyway just thought I should check in with y'all n wishing everyone well plus a very late happy new year xxx


Happy in the meantime
Hi labelle. Well done on doing so well! My stats are in my sig - I'm happily done and dusted and lighter than I'd even dared to hope. I think I'm going to drop a few more pounds before its done but not concerned.

I'm now trying to adjust to being slim. My head is still catching up.


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Lovely to hear from you...well done on your loss. I am a week behind you and I have lost 8st 11lbs in total and 7st 8lbs since my op. I have 1st to get to a healthy BMI but I would be quite happy if I stayed where I am. Best thing I ever did...I have also managed to get off my blood pressure meds and anti-depressants :D

Lynn x