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Mourning the loss of her “fat friend”


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Awww - your post really touched me xx
I too have a friend who I am really close too more like sisters really. The similarities are bizarre - we met at secondry school at 11. I am 5'9 and 'big boned' lol xx she is 4'9 and very very petite, we got called little n large too!
She has shared so much of my life and i hers - I think we are truly blessed to have found that type of friendship :happy096:


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well i had a tear reading this :) it would be a much better place if everyone had friends like that xx

maxine kim

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What a lovely post I to have a lovely friend we have been mates since 11 & we r 45 now we have been through some happy & sad times but always been great friends , she's even doing the pre diet with me that I started today , she found this forum for me so i could ask question to ppl that have had the band i love her to bits . i have my op in two weeks and scared but excited to & looking forward to punching her clothes ;) x