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My before and mid way pics


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Hello all,I had my op 9th December 2011.

On the morning of my op i was 24 stone 7lbs.

My referral weight last March was 27 stone 9lbs BMI Was 58.4

Today I weight 17 stone 4 lbs BMI is 36.5

Still got a way to go yet but ive hit a bit of a crick wall so thought id post these so i can see how well ive done,My mind hasnt quite caught up with the changes so some days i still find myself rummaging round the size 24/26 clothes section in Evans.

I never thought id get to post in this section.


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Love my sleeve!!
wow!!! you look amazing! you cant have far to go now! :) xxx


Can't wait to be skinny!
You look brilliant!, those are great pics to help keep you motivated theres such a massive difference between them. Well done x

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You look fabulous well done you the weight will start moving againthats how my body does it. xx


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Well done. LOL I had to buy some smaller clothes & yes can't quite step away from the size 28/30. Now a 22. Great to have more shops available to me now so lovely adventure. Still along way to go but certainly feel like I am achieving like you.
Keep up the good work.

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You look wonderful and soooooo happy!


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My referral weight last March was 27 stone 9lbs BMI Was 58.4

Today I weight 17 stone 4 lbs BMI is 36.5

Your body might be thinking, flipping heck we've parted company with 10 stone already, let's hang on a mo, relax and enjoy the scene at 17 stone for a while ..... :8855: :8855: :8855:

It will pick up again, eventually. :D

Your body will have to "get over it" and its desire to hang onto what it can ....... in a few weeks your body might have a little light bulb moment when it realises, Oh fippin 'eck, she's STILL not eating, despite that wobbly stall I threw for her, shucks, may as well carry on releasing the fat cells, damn !!!

Our bodies (we know) have always been VERY very reluctant to lose the fat -- there are so many scientific and hormonal reasons why this is the case ..... you will just have to do something to kickstart or trick your body's fat releasing cell mechanism into action again. :D