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Ive hit my target


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Has the title says ive hit my target set in Nov last yr of 17st 7lbs, i set this thinking jesus if only, i dont want to go to a "normal BMI" of 25 tbh because i would look ill, when i spoke to Mr Ammori he agreed and said BMI'S were a joke and i agree, 17st 7lbs was where i was in my teens when i was fit, played football 3 times a week and cricket during the summer i also did a lot of weight training and was happy which i am now esp has ive been on Holiday to the Benicassim music festival in Spain for the last 2 weeks of which i had a few beers though i didnt eat badly apart from the odd treats along the way cos i let my hair down, since i got home last Tuesday ive been out for my birthday again had a couple of sherbets over the weekend and i am trying to eat more as ive been told ive lost to much weight hahahahahaha but to my amazement ive weighed myself this morning for the first time in 3 weeks expecting to stay the same weight and low and behold ive lost 6lbs which i just cant get my head round though i am very happy, anyway sorry to go on just thought i'de share my news, thanks for reading.


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wowow thats fab news...really fab! well done you hun! x


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Thanks mate ime esp happy for you as well with you being a bloke it was interesting reading your weekly results and for me to look and try to emulate, its amazing really whats happened to us both and when you add the 2 weight losses together we've lost me hahahahahahahaha, i exorcised a few ghosts on holiday as well like fitting in the aircraft seats with at least 10 inches of seat belt left over and i got the tray down while sat in my seat something that has embarrased me for yrs esp trying to eat food while resting on top of the tray and dropping it all over anyway those were the bad days, what was funny was when we were taking off the stewardess told me to put the tray up which jokingly i said no and my brother in law told her why and she allowed me to leave it down hahahahaha which would not be funny or important to anybody else but to me it made me cry.

Tracey ( eyore)

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congratulations glad your now leading such a fulfilling life and enjoying it xx


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IRJ well done on hitting your target. And i too totally get the tray on the plane comment. I think we have these op's so that we can be 'normal', seems you're there mate, and so fast too! Well done on living a regular life :) xx


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massive well done x


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yyeeeeyyyy! congratulations on hitting your target you must be sooooo proud! realy pleased for you! x


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that is fab fab news!! well done you! you ve done amazing


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IRJ thank you for such a happy and positive post. How wonderful that youire enjoying life. That's the aim of all this in the long run isn't it?

and YES I too get the whole seat belt and tray thing on planes......it's a bl*** nightmare isn't it? I always have to use my hubby's or son's tray and ask for an extension seat belt...and here's a thing...why do we have to ask? Like cant the stewards/stewardesses see we're likely to have problems and just discretely offer us one? I totally hate having to ask.

Still for you that's a thing of the past So here's HURRAH to that! and I'm looking forward to the same victory....and for all of us!


Charis xx

Kerry Jo

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Made me giggle i totally get the seat belt and tray thing. Well done to you, and another 6lb gone as well, thats amazing well done xxx