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18 months, 11+ stone loss and a baby later


Bit of a weirdy! XD
This is my first weight loss time line that I've put together since the op. I've had ups and downs and wobbles and strict words with myself but every step was totally worth it :)

I was 319 lbs at my heaviest. I thought I was happy! I was wearing size 24/26 tops and 26/28 sometimes even size 30 bottoms. BMI of 57 and at 24 years old, it really wasn't good :(


26 weeks pregnant and around 15 stone


41 weeks pregnant and around 13 stone


4 weeks post baby girl <3


My first size 14 trousers in more than a decade. I was barely a teen the last time I fitted in that size


Taken a few weeks ago, the first time EVER I've shown any leg.

Im still "overweight" with a BMI of 26. I'm now 11st 3lbs despite losing 91% of my excess body weight. I'm now wearing size 12-14 clothes. I am finally happy! :D


To those awaiting your operations; It's an amazing gift having WLS. It has given me my second child <3 And a happier life!
For you it will no longer be a dream and in a years time you'll be able to look back on your photos and celebrate such great achievements. Despite the hard times, the tears and the worries you CAN do it :D xXx


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Amazing you have done so much in the 18 months xxx


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Amazing transormation and a lovely baby to boot. Congratulations. :)

los in it

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well done flick, it goes to show hard work DOES pay off!


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Amazing you have done so well xx


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Love the transformation and you look stunning!! Xxxx

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Wow Wow Wow.... I hope I follow in your footsteps :)


Bit of a weirdy! XD
Thank you!! <3 <3 <3 ^-^

If you put your mind to it, you will :) Focus on what you really want and you'll get there I promise!!

These are from today. My lowest weight yet, 10st 2lbs. Selfies aren't so tragic to take anymore xXx




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Yummy mummy!!


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What an amazing achievement. You look fantastic.