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Obese and need help


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Glad you're here.


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Thank you all so much for your help i have been on to the bospa site and have found that my pct goes by the nice guidelines, as far as i can see i should qualify... it all seems quite confusing but im going to make an appointment to see my gp asap and try and get a referral out of him. I just hope he takes me seriously and doesnt just fob me off with "diet and excersise" again. I really feel that surgery is my only option now.

Hi Amy

Everyone has already given you all the best advice you need, so I won't add anything.

I have not had any surgery yet and am about to attend my first group meeting prior to a one-2-one with the surgeon, so I am also new to the whole process.

Let the doctor know that you have researched WLS and arm yourself with plenty of facts...(loads on here)...as some GP's have not referred anyone before.

I wish you well with journey...and hope that after you have researched you will make the right decision for you.


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Hi im new as well. Like any other story i have struggled with my weight for years and i have taken it a step further now. I go in for my gastric band surgery in glasgow next wednesday. I have mixed feelings but its more excitement now. im on the milk pre op diet just now it was hard 4 to start with the first 2 days i didnt ave a lot of energy but its beta now as long as i stay focussed the only thing is im running to the toliet a lot anyhow i go for my preop assesment tomoro with the nurse i have a lot of questions cant wait.

i will keep u updated but any questions just email me ask


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Hi Amy

Everyone has given great advice but from my personal experience i just wanted to say,i had been on xenicol(orlistat)for many years and been to see the dietician then one day a locum doctor put me on reductil,but i got a letter from my practice saying to come off it as they didnt recommend it,so i went back to the doctors and asked about weight loss surgery and that was the ball rolling for me.
I have got type 2 diabetes,my bmi was over 50 and i did suffer from high blood pressure so i guess all that helped my case as well.

Good luck,like many have said a appointment with your gp is good advice.

Oh and welcome to minis.


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Amy - please don't be hard on yourself. Remember you little one is only 15 months old. Plus you had a cection. It takes you body 12 months to recover after that and therefore your would find it hard to loose weight.

After my son I put on 6 stone. Had a section and it was not before he was 18 months that the weight started to come off. I lost 4 stone after that.

I think you need to think long and hard about this. You have only been over weight for 15 months (your pregnancy wont count). I don't want you getting your hopes up. When applying for founding you have to show that you have tried everything and have managed to loose weight before, but not keep it off. I understand how you feel believe me. We are here for support and I don't want to be giving you false hope.

I really do not this surgery is the last hope for you. Speak to your GP again. They may be able to give you hope through medication.

Hang in there hun.


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Oh, and belly overhand after a section is normal. My friend is 9 stone and a size 10 and have overhand from a section.


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:welcome: Every one here gives sound advice try slimming world if it doesn't work so be it but at least you have tried, you need to prove you are willing to try everything going. Don't forget WLS is a last resort and not an easy option as some people think. Good luck on your weight loss journey


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Saw the doc today to talk about everything, he was the most unhelpful man on earth!! i went to him as hes the doc who always sees my little boy, so thought hed be nice... how wrong i was..
Apparently i dont fit the critera for surgery, and medication has side effects aswell, then he started goin on saying how i need to portion food properly n eat the right things, n excersise... n how i should love my self the way i am...
and get this... "being fat wont make you ill" ummm excuse me! well obviously it does!! thats why no one wants to be fat!!
so basically ive got no other choice but to go slimming world. so im guna give it a go, see what its like, maybe ill be surprised n it will work. If not my mum said she might see if i can go private n get the surgery.
Sorry for the rant everyone


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hi amy try another gp thats what i did to get a referal my bmi was 43 back then xxx


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hi Amy, Why on earth would he say that being fat won't make you ill. What are co-morbidities?? Make an appointment to see another GP in the practise and try them all if you have to. Eventually you'll find one that wants to help you with your weight issue. Good luckxxxx