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New and raring to go


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Hi guys I'm new here,

I approached my GP about NHS weight loss surgery just over a year ago and she referred me to a local weight loss clinic. I was a bit confused about that at first, but having attended for the first time on Friday I found out this is indeed the first port of call! Due to NHS guidelines you apparently have to attend such a clinic for a year and show some weight loss as well as getting all the psych tests etc done before they give you the surgery. I'm well over the BMI threshold so now I just have to bottle down and prove I can form and stick to a healthy lifestyle to prep myself for surgery.

As I'm in the early stages of what looks to be a lengthy process, I'm not sure exactly what I'll be having done. I think I'm settled on the idea of a gastric band, but I've heard great stuff about a bypass and also a sleeve so I'm open to these and one of the reasons I decided to sign up here is to find out more about all my options.

Anyway, I hope to get to know you all over the next few years on my journey to getting my surgery and then recovery and seeing the results afterwards :)



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Hi there,

You have come to the right place,I've been here for about 3 yrs now.
You need to ask ask and read get as much info as possible.
I had a gastric bypass,and joining this site and helped me greatly before and after my op.


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Hiya and welcome.

Im at the final hurdle - psych, then mdt then op and I still dont think im chosen.

Good luck on your journey



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Thanks guys...how have you guys found your wait and hurdle jumping with the NHS so far?


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Welcome :)

I've had my band for 6 months as of saturday just gone and absolutely love it! Its a tool to aid with weight loss so needs a lot of self control and willpower to make it work - but work it can if you can work with it.

I did however go private because when I approached my GP they just laughed . . .so can't help you on the funding way although there's lots of people here who have and are still battling with funding etc several years later . . .

Do look into all of the types of surgery, the more informed you can be, the easier it will be based on you, your eating habits etc to make the right decision :)


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Hi Numi and welcome :) I have jumped through various hurdles in order to get to the point of surgery referral including:

Dietician support at hospital
Referral to Weight Watchers
Referral to Weight Loss Management (1 year)

My GP is not pro-surgery so it was a challenge trying to convince him to refer me! Anyway, he eventually gave in and referred me and after going through the assessment process I finally got approval for funding in January 2013.

Good luck with your weight loss management course and your journey :) x x


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Haha, good to see that in a way I've already "jumped" a fair few hurdles...done the orlistat, done the WW, done the dietician...never heard of Reductil but no ones mentioned it at all. I've been told that I have to prove I can lose weight on the weight loss management to be considered for surgery but I stupidly forgot to ask how much when I went, was it the same for you?

Top Kat, sorry to hear your GP laughed at you, I've asked for help many times myself and only got this far this time because it wasn't my usual GP, although thankfully I've never been laughed at as such. It's amazing how cruel even the "professionals" can be :( Glad you got your band in the end though :)


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I am blessed with the most amazing gp.

I have done ww, slimming world, orilstat, topomax, metformin etc.

I asked him, well actually I took him a magazine and said I want this. This was jan 12.

I found out in march he had got me funding.

I saw surgeon in aug, dietician in oct, and went into mdt meeting just before xmas.

Because of my bipolar I have to see psych, that is on wed. After that it shouls be 2 months to get into mdt meeting again then 2 months until surgery.

My boss knows and is fully supportive to give me the two weeks off and has kept it secret for me.

I feel blessed. Only downside to my personal story is a bf who is supportive as roadkill. (Thats not at all lol).