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New bander feeling hungry?


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I keep reading posts from banders a few weeks down the line, when the post-op swelling is going down and the appetite is increasing, and they are struggling/waiting desparately for the first fill.

I have made my dinner and remember just how filling Quorn is! Try a Quorn and vegetable stir fry with no sauce apart from a dash of soy or sweet chilli sauce and that is likely to get that wee silicone band working ... It's low fat and pretty decent protein level but most important ... It's really filling ... Just a thought!!! :talk017:
Hi flutterby, I'm four weeks post op , lost a bit and put most back on. Have you ever felt like the surgery was just not going to work ? I know it has for you - but was just wondering if you ever had doubts? Xx
It has been mind over matter a lot of the time...but I never had the doubt of whether I had done the right thing or not. I did go into this with my eyes open knowing that my success would be 70% down to my effort. However along with a healthy balanced diet and gentle exercise (no drastic change in exercise regime ... Just a bit more dog walking) it has worked for me. I wanted the health benefits and that is what has driven me. Don't get me wrong, for two weeks of the month I can still eat like a horse (and I have done ... Cakes/biscuits/chocolate ...). I dont have as much restriction as a lot of other banders. Counting calories together with tracking what I eat has helped me though. My diet is balanced, and I can truly say that with my band, I now feel no guilt, and if I have my treats I have them when I am out, rather than at home. It's like that old saying ... Fail to plan, plan to fail! Don't give up on yourself or your band. Xxx
I would appreciate some more tips from long term banders as I too am getting extremely hungry after 3 weeks on just liquids...