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Hi all!!
I had my bypass done on 09.11.11 and came out of hosiptal on the 11.11.11
When i came round from my op i felt like i had made the biggest mistake of my life! I suffered a lot of pain over the next 24 hours but i can honestly say that most of this was due to shoulder pain (which i was told is normal and is mainly down to trapped wind and nerve endings from my diaphragm??)
When i came home i started to feel better and now all the pain and all the aches have gone im starting to feel more positive about it!
I had a very small gain when leaving hospital but weighed out of curiosity on 13.11.11 and i was pleased to see i had lost 2kg since leaving hospital!
On my pre op diet i managed to loose 7.4kg which i was over the moon about!!


Love my sleeve!!
hey miss B, welcome to the site, and good luck on your journey :) xxx


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Welcome to the family ! Any questions or worries just ask as someone will have the answers ! glad to hear your feeling better. I'll budge up on the losers bench for you x


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well done and welcome x


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Welcome to a great place for help, comfort and advice Miss B, and congratulations on your new life xxx


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Welcome MissB21, and well done on your weight loss success so far.


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Welcome Miss B :) what a fabulous start to the new you :) keep posting, honey, we are here to support you if you need it xx


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Hi Miss B21,

We all look forward to hearing how you get on over the coming weeks and months.

Best wishes,