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I am booked and ready to wrap!!


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I haven't been on here for a while, but now I have "happy" news, I have finally booked my wrap with Cosmetic Bliss and fly out to Prague on the 17th October for a gastric wrap. I am so excited I can not begin to tell you!!
I was going to do a diary and give some background info but I think I may bore you all!!
For now I am looking forward to organising everything and clearing my cupboards of the crap I've been stuffing down my throat for years!!
Will update nearer the time!!


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i wish you all the very best. great news. keep in toch and let us know how you are.


Love my sleeve!!
Good luck shopgirl :) not long to wait now woohoo :) x

from me phone :D


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Thanks ladies, I'm absolutely beside myself with excitement!! Have started my blog and will document everything!! lol.


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Good luck Wendy, i had the wrap in May and i have now lost just short of 5 stone. Best decision i ever made. Good luck



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Thanks ladies, all excited now and have printed off my boarding pass and nearly packed my case, ironed all the school uniform for the kids for the week, done the time tables for pick ups from school and who's cooking what night, omg it's like a miltary operation when I go away!!! lol. Fly tomorrow lunchtime, last meal out tomorrow night and the lots of tests on Tuesday ready for the op on Wednesday and then fly back Saturday, luckily I only live 25 mins from the airport so not too bad.

Will let you know how I got on when I get back xx

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I hope you are well after your op and are up to sharing your experience X

I'm new to this forum and i love how everyone is sharing their experiences and preferences. Iam just getting used to navigating around the site. I have joined as i want to research more about the Gastric wrap however as yet i can't find anything on this forum.

I'm a Primary teacher, married with two children inc one Teenager (Argh!!).
I have had surgery before as i had two caesarean sections the second one with a local anaesthetic which i preferred as there is no sickness or side effects and i was up and about the morning after and then home the day after that (with infected stitches).

Only my husband knows about the surgery (not too happy about it) and has been sworn to secrecy as i don't want my kids ever knowing, as i feel healthy eating is the answer to a healthy life style, which both my kids have however in a nut shell this doesn't work for me as i constantly feel hungry.

I have done all the diets the last one being Lighter Life where i lost 4 stone after gaining the 'tools' to succeed, but naturally as with every other diet i put it back on again in 9 months.

Through research I’ve discovered that the wrap is quite new, i have to fund the op myself, need to travel abroad (Prague)and I have to have a general anaesthetic, not local, as you need to be still during the op. After researching the Gastric wrap and the band i feel the wrap is the tool to help me as i don't want anything inside me or want the hassle of any refills etc.

I have been in touch and have received an email back from Prague Beauty (PB) and the fees are £3800 for a full package.

I was wondering however if anyone could help with my other questions.
I would like to know:
1) Has anyone used this company before or can you recommend other companies that they have used and the fees?
2) How soon i can have the op done? (My hubby has hols due at Xmas and could stay home with our 7yr old - if I don't need him with me).
3) Would i be ok on my own or will i need someone with me?
4) Is it worth going to my GP for a full check up to see if i am fit?
5) Has anyone had combined surgery as i was thinking of an upper eye bag op which PB said they would do as a package for an extra £800 or would this be too much health wise, I’m not sure how much pain the Gastric wrap will cause.