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One year apart

Wow ! You look amazing ! Not only have you lost a lot of weight but you look so much younger !
Well done ..
Wow amazing you look fantastic x
Thanks I feel so much younger too, it's amazing how it has changed my life. It's only now that I realise how bad things were before I lost all of my weight.
Wow Katie! You look awesome. Congrats on the weight loss. I wouldn't believe the pictures were the same woman until i looked closely. Was it a tough journey for you? Do you have a diary?
thanks Victoria I didn't keep a diary, but wish I had done!
It was tough to start with its a big adjustment to your life but now 11 months down the line, I have settled in to my new lifestyle and finding things much easier. I'm still obsessed with food but now it's protein and sugar content and how to make healthier meals rather than how much food and how often I can eat that's important
How far are you along your journey?
I've been put on the waiting list at heartlands. They said i should be on it for up to 6 months and i've been on it since valentines day so all going to plan i should have my surgery in around 4 months :) i wont believe its gonna happen until its actually happened though! haha

Its great things settled down. I do always wonder how things will be long term. How are you with public places and things? Like do you go out to eat or struggle when you're on holiday with what foods you can have?
How exciting, it'll be the best thing you've ever done
I'm great with public places and holidays, I pick things from the menu and then make suitable substitutes like having a sauce on the side or asking for a burger without the bun etc most restaurants are really helpful I've just been on holiday and had no problem with the food, it can be a testing when the beautiful desserts turn up but I've learned to cope with that now and have a bowl of fruit or a yogurt instead.
That's really comforting! It's great to know you can have a normal life as long as you make the right choices.
Its consuming more than exciting at the moment for me. The brain doesn't stop ticking thinking of the hows and what ifs and all the options that might become more available to me when i can be more active. Feels like you're on the verge of a completely different life but really far away from it at the same time