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9 months and 10 stone gone + piccys

Very Big Chris

New Member
These pictures were taken almost exactly a year apart. I have been on my journey now for 9 months. My start date was 06/02/2011 at 177Kg, I had lost 40Kg before my op on 30/06/2011 and this morning weighed just 113.2Kg. I hope those pre-oppers can see how worthwhile it can be.



New Member
Fantastic result Chris. I bet you feel like a new man now. Where were you in the second pic?
Lynne x

Very Big Chris

New Member
Ickworth House, near Bury St Edmunds. My wife and I took a lovely long walk through the autumn leaves. Another small pleasure that my weight denied me for years.


very happy post opper
what a result chris! well done you!,,,,it so helps to see pics and to be inspired xxx


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Well done Chris, you look amazing, it feels so good doesn't it, Karen x


Love my sleeve!!
wow! well done chris you look amazing!!! :) xxx


Finally in love with life
Well done Chris, you look great and have done so well.


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in aw of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wow I think you need to change your handle. You can't get away with Very Big Chris anymore :)
Amazing weight loss, even the 40kg prior to your op is astounding :) congrats


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Amazing... well done you!!


Sleeve to Bypass
Fantastic, inspirational photos, *not* big chris!


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Wow u look great u have dun fantastic :) well done Hun x

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Brilliant weight loss mate...So encouraging when i see a fellow chap losing so much weight..It really does make me feel a bit better about the future as a pre opper still waiting to be funded.
Keep up the good work mate.