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Post Op Dietry Questions


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oh yes it is ignore me im stupid :rolleyes:


Runs Srh Support Group


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what is a portion size for bypassers

hi i was wondering if any one has the time to photo an average plate that they would eat and post them back as i am really stuggling to eat and 8 wks post op now dietician said its ok to be slower but i am currious as to what i could expect.
i seam to manage single items but not mixed and never more than 3-4 tablespoons.
dont get me wrong i am delighted at the weight loss but concerned i am not getting enough in and i dont like the protein shakes etc
got to nip out for an hour but will be back on later sewingbelle


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Hi sewingbeller I am not post op but I remember there was another thread similar to this several weeks ago and Liz posted photos of her plate as did others. They were mostly between the size of a side plate and a small dinner plate
I am sure they will post again for you when they see your post.
Well done on your weight loss and hope you get things sorted out soon

Jay xx


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Flipping heck!! 4 TABLESPOONS!!!! I am nigh on 11 weeks post op and can barely manage 4 desertspoons!!! Usually about 1/3 of a tea plate. The minute I get a signal, I stop because if I keep going I get the 'ate too much' pain. Have to say it's probably me in the wrong here as opposed to the norm so don't panic!

Lisa J

i think 4 tablespoon is fine at 8 weeks and it definatley depends on what your eating, i could eat quite abit of mash and gravy etc but could only manage about 2 teaspoons of mince. what foods are you eating? i couldnt go onto solids until 12wks.


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about 1 tea spoon of mince, 2-3 mash or veg table spoon (next size up in spoons not a massive serving spoon)
if i am having a ready meal i barely eat half of it in the day (3 meals)
i can manage about 3/4 of a weetabix for breakfast


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For me it depends on the food. I can have about 4 spoonfulls usually (not tablespoons tho), unless it's mince or soup, then I can bit a lot more. I am only 5 weeks post op.

And for some reason 4 times this week I have grossly misjudged and ended up being sick cos I have eaten to much, not pleasant at all :-(

Good luck sounds like you are doing ok to me.



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Oh for the bliss of eating four spoons of food and being full...bring it on!


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Oh Sewingbelle, I wish I had some advice for you, but I haven't. Just wanted to say hi and hope that some of the others will be able to help you.



Lisa J

i think your doing fine, my intake really increased at around 16wks but were all different. stop worrying and carry on as you are, your doing great!


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hello honey what your eating is fine, 4/5 teaspoons is fine at this stage,as time goes over it'll get better 6/7 teaspoons and so on by 6/7 month out i could happly eat 3/4 of a tea plate.im now one year out i have a tea plate full now (about the amount you would give a7year old) and that is a good amount for me everyone is diffrent,your doing great honey dont worry you'll find whats right for you in time x x x x x x x x


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Haha, that's about the amount I spill down my front! I can't wait to see my feet!
ha ha ha what are we like we must sound like a load of food grabbing messy eating animals dont we lol i forgot what my feet look like too hee hee;)


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I can now eat one slice of wholewheat toast and 2 Tablespoons of beans for my main meal, it takes me a while but I feel nice and satisfied after eating and it keeps me full for a long time, I hope this helps.
Mind you if it is anything meaty or fishy I can only manage 2 mouthfuls and I sometimes find myself uncomfortably full for hours afterwards so to be honest I'm still struggling with "dense" foods especially chicken which is still a no go as I am always sick 4 months post op.
I have found Quorn an amazing source of protein/low fat and easy to digest, it can really make you fart lots though:eek:!

gaelic girl

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Hi Angela
I seem to vary with my days some days i eat more than others, i only eat half a ready meal too and have just introduced crackers and going to try toast soon. I was told it evens out once you get on a fully solid diet so to speak and Jenni suggested reducing the moisture content in my food a bit at a time so don't know if that might help. You looked great when i saw you x


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im a little worrid now im eating far more caneat dish of stew but saw surgen last night and he said im doing fine six weeks post by-pass and have lost 3 stone jeff