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Post Op Dietry Questions


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thank you everyone who has replied, its hard to know if your doing ok and your comments have helped reasure me im doing ok.

its hard now deciding what to cook as my husband likes all the stuff i cant even begin to try yet and the kids like pasta and rice they will eat some veg but it doesnt seam worth the effort to make such a small amount of cooked fresh veg
for me and i seam to be throwing away so much food uneaten as i have a bite of something and cant face it after a mouthfull.

I liked salads and veg before my bypass and all the bits of ready meals i have been eating have turned me off food i was beginning to think i was destined to eat slop forever.

But i have had a breakthrough
i have tried a tiny bit of green salad with my 1/4 small jacket potatoe and cheese it going down fine and staying down and i feel like i am eating normal now and the plate looks normal but smaller
its what i would have eaten in the past but vvv smaller.

ps i did eat the slop ready meals in the past but not everyday and i was a big veg eater and if i had a ready meal i ate salad or veg as well. My tastebuds have really changed.

like some of the replys i cant manage more than a bite of meat so the dietician said leave it for the moment its a good job i like cheese i bet id turn into a mouse if i was reincarnated


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Brilliant synopsis - thanks!