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Pre-Op Diet - Day 10 - Surgery so close now !!!

Good luck to all of you! I'm getting my band on Monday and can't bloody wait :) x
Reading stuff like this is really interesting, as I had visions on just drinking milk, chomping down small jelly pots and sipping on an oxo for salt content.

Bit of a faff getting everything weighed/ measured etc, but it is good practise for what comes afterwards.
I'm doing milk/yogurt for my pre-op which I think is ieasier in a way because I don't need to think too much about what I can eat and when.

From what I've read you can go two ways post-op diet-wise.
1. Calorie count
2. Listen to your body and prioritise the right kind of food i.e. protein followed by veg/salad then a bit of carbs.

I think 2 would probably be the bigger challenge for me as I'm not good at knowing when to stop eating (hence the need for a gastric band)- but I'm not one for calorie counting either =/ I guess I'll find my own way depending on what my dietitian advises!

Hope your first week has gone well! Only one week to go!
I think band and bypass differ here significantly - there is no malabsorption with the band so many banders do cal count. Bypassers go with what works for them - I don't cal count, I know many who do.
This is a similar thing to what my provider suggested to me, but I found it really hard going, counting calories, watching fat, carbs and the like so out of choice switched over to the milk diet and found it much easier to go with. If you're finding it hard, give your provider a shout and ask if they have any alternatives :)
Bobby , yours looks a hell of a lot better than the one I had to do.

Mine was 3 pints milk , 2 yoghurts , tea/coffee , 1 oxo drink and sugar free jelly. This was for ten days.

Yes, the pre op is hard but its the end result you have to think of - every day you go through the diet is a day nearer the op. A couple of times I felt like quitting but kept thinking of why exactly I am doing this. Plus the 17 lb loss helped me