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Private Banding - which surgeon/hospital??


Hi All, new to this, and I'm sorry if this has been asked many times before...
...but anyway..

Ive started to look into which surgeon to go with (have booked a few consultations, but want other people's experiences too as I know all is not always as it seems), and I think I've whittled it down to two choices:

1. Basil Ammori at the Alexandra hospital
2. Dr Super at Dolan Park, The Hospital Group.

At first I thought I was pretty much decided on the hospital group, being such a big company I felt safe, but today I have found some really bad reviews. TBF, all the bad reviews have been pretty much all about the aftercare, i've seen nothing but praise for the surgeon.

Basil Ammori seems to come up a lot with positive reviews.

I'm very nervous about doing this privately and not getting stung by some dodgy stuff going on. I will also be getting a loan to finance this, so it's not as if I will have cash spare if all goes wrong afterwards - which is one of things I'm scared of. My mum had the surgery 16 ish years ago on the NHS and I know how much follow up care she has had, and still having - so I'm concerned about how this works when you go private, as I'm seeing packages with 2 years aftercare etc..what happens if the band slips or leaks???

Please help if you can, I'm all set for getting this done, 100%, but also really anxious about making the right decision with who to go with!!!


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Hi. Since you have decided on the band, I'm assuming that you have ruled the other surgeries out. I had my band with THG under Mr Richardson. The surgery was fine. The aftercare was fine although had to travel a bit to go for the fills. After the 2 years each fill will cost you £125.00 and the same amount it they need to take any out even 0.5mls. The band will help you loose weight. Everyone's experience is different. I now have a sleeve -6 weeks post op tomorrow. I wish Mr Richardson had offered me the sleeve in the first place but I guess if you go saying you want a band that's what they will offer you. My advice is do your research well. Think of it from a point were money was not an issue, what would you have? Good luck.


I hadn't considered the sleeve..I'm not sure why, I guess, because my Mum had it, it's been what I've been decided on for the last 10 years! Now I've looked into sleeve, it does look tempting. Now I'm seriously confused!


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I had prof Ammori at The Alex but had a sleeve not a band. He was fab and really excellent aftercare. I see the bariatric nurse, bariatric physio and dietician on each visit.