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Reassurance please - band to sleeve


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So I have made the decision to have a change my band to a sleeve. The band has been a nightmare, what I could eat yesterday is now stuck in the side of my guts giving me the worst heart burn ever. I had my band put in in August last year after sooo many failed attempts at losing weight, I lost about 4kg in the liquid phase and absolutely nothing since then.
So I just need reassurance that I am making the right decision to go to a sleeve, lots of people with bands/sleeves have lost weight and gained it back pre-surgery but I physically could not lose weight, so it hasn't been a matter of yo-yo dieting, a yo-yo that only maintains or goes up is me. I saw my surgeon who has been doing my fills the other day and showed him my food and exercise diary and he said I have a rogue gene and that I would be a prime candidate for a sleeve because of the switching off of the hormones or something..
Getting my band in the first place was dumb because I don't have a problem with portion sizes or bingeing, anyway, are sleeves successful even for people whos bodies love their fat?

I am looking at surgery again in 5 weeks time at my own cost. Yikes. Feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you!


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If you genuinely can't lose weight when eating small amounts the sleeve will make no difference. Generally if you put in less energy than you use you'll lose weight. What's the reason for not losing weight?


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No idea. Have been to all sorts of specialists, doctors, enocrinologists, but no results. Sure slim and weight watchers that worked in the past no longer do. I went to a bootcamp for 2 weeks (meals provided) and lost 100g and 1cm from my waist.. everyone else lost 5-8kg.

Bypass or sleeve is the last thing I can think of, ditto with my surgeon.


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I think you should find out why you can't lose it first or it might be a waste of money and you'll be disappointed?

Maybe you need some time of not dieting to reset your metabolism?

Don't get me wrong i love my sleeve but i've always been able to lose weight if i followed the rules, my problem was i couldn't follow them for long enough to lose all the weight.

My issue was mainly portion size not so much eating the wrong foods and the sleeve has helped me with that. It doesn't stop you eating crap like crisps or chocolate so that's all willpower!


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Personally I think it's too soon to be thinking about changing for a non medical need and you should give it more of a go. Are you sure that you're weight loss will be any different with a sleeve or a bypass?

Hypocritically I had my band last July and I'd decided by last November that it was going. I gave myself 3 months to confirm my decision and give it sufficient thought then made arrangements.

There is no guarantee that I'm not going to have problems with the bypass, but at least a change of problems would be nice. I want some closure on this saga as well.

I am only getting rid of mine for a 'medical' reason, there is no way that I would give it such a short time if I really couldn't live with the effects of it.

Did you say on a previous thread that you are thinking of getting this done in India??? Why???


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If the band has not worked then I would say stop there! Do not mess with your body anymore.
I had a band last July and totally regret it. I have not lost any weight in forever... Not for the want of trying I have to say and yes I was fully restricted and still nada!
The sleeve is a more serious surgery and is still NO guarantee of weight loss and you are altering your body forever!


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Jemima - I haven't had any problems with my band like yours, but I do have major problems with indigestion eating healthy foods which is so uncomfortable and not something I researcher properly before getting this done..
I live in New Zealand and had exhausted all options trying to figure out why I couldn't lose weight, in the end, I had friends who had had a band and it had worked for them, again, no one in NZ would help me so I bet the bullet and had it done in India, not a bad thing to say about the whole experience, it was fantastic. I remember my surgeon over there saying are you sure you don't want a sleeve it would be far better for you but my mind was set on the band because I knew people that had had it done, I have a surgeon in NZ that does my fills and after seeing him last week and pretty much choking my stomach - 9/10mls, he said I would have been the perfect candidate for a sleeve because obvi something in my body is starvation modeing me and the sleeve cuts off ghrelin hunger hormone?
I have slim parents/whole family and when I was seeking help pre-operation a lady I saw said I needed to stop dieting and eat what my parents eat - relatively healthy, good real food (my mum was a chef) and I put on 10kg.. in about 2 months.
The only benefit from my band is I haven't gained ridik amounts of weight but dieting pre-band I didn't gain either, I only maintained. So I think I would prefer the band out because I don't want a foreign object in my body that isn't doing anything? I also want it out because I move to London in 5 weeks which I'm now dreading because i'm going to have to be in photos again (have avoided for years) and I don't want to have to explain my pausing while eating with a grimace on my face because food is stuck.
So yeah... I just feel like sleeving is my last option.
I couldn't keep looking up to see names and answer questions so its just a big bleargh!
also.. pre-band I said to my NZ doctor I always thought I had a metabolism issue so will the band work even for me and she said yes "it completely changes your stomach/body" but maybe it hasn't changed it enough and I need something more drastic?
Thanks for your replies though, gives me more! to think about!