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sausage and egg cups


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This is very high protein and yummy!

Take a low fat sausage of your choice, take out of skin and push the meat into a muffin tray or cup leaving a well in the middle. Crack an egg into the middle and season if you like. You can also add little chopped up bits of tomato and cheese on top if you like. Then bake for 20-30 mins in a medium heat oven. These are lush and one for breakfast is a treat :)

Calories will change depending on what sausage you use and any extras but I did one for 250 cals which I think is great.
I do one with a slice of wholemeal bread rolled out thin , buttered on both sides then pushed into a muffin tin add some either part grilled bacon fatty bits removed or sliced ham placed on top season to taste , then crack an egg on top you can add a sprinkle of cheese if you wish bake in a medium oven still the egg is how you like it I like mine a little firm and bacon will be cooked lovely breakfast treat keeps you full for some time.
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