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shopping list for puree stage


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I am expecting to start my puree stage on Thursday sooooo excited here are some things I'm planning to get at the store let me know if you have any suggestions ( of course keep in mind everything is going in the blender )

Canned chicken ( I don't Like tuna)
Light cream cheese
Light cheese
Reduced fat refried beans
Reduced fat chilli
Spaghetti sauce
Ground turkey
Light sour cream
Fat free yogurt
Sugar free pudding
Light mozzarella
Protein powder ( no flavor added)

Hmm... that's all I can think of for now looking forward to your suggestions :)


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OMG.. I tried a TINY piece of cheese, like the size of a pill, It super painful. Chewed very very well, but didn't put it in the blender. Just remember that everything goes down easier with sauce/gravy.


Here all the time.....
What make are your reduced fat refried beans?

I've not seen them before. I usually get a yellow can, not sure of the make off hand, they used to do a spicy version as well, but I haven't seen that for a while.

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Hi I thought I would add some of my puree essentials.
Lowfat greek yogurt.
splenda or other low cal sugar replacement
Birds custard make with splenda so sugar free
extra lean pork steaks to slow cook(in slow cooker with home made hot sauce so will puree beautifully)
lowfat refried beans
quark cheese, (I don't like cottage cheese)
fage greek yogurt (lowfat high protein)
canned tuna
Chicken breast
frozen mash (low fat low sugar one)
milk semi skimmed. I got cravendale as has a longer life on it and was not sure when I would feel like sorting out a shop post op!
soup lots of cans of low fat high protein soup.
porridge oats
frozen green fine beans
soft fruit, strawberries, and bananas, also got frozen mixed fruits to blend into smoothies with protein whey.
Ham slices (good cuts high protein low fat)
spices and lime juice ( I rub spice mixed with lime on chicken breast, wrap in foil then cook in oven at 180 for 30 mins it will puree beautifully as not dried out.) I use piri piri, taco, or fajita spices. I then weigh the blended chicken into 1oz measures so that's one protein then either freeze or in fridge.
Mum got me a stack of microwave baby bowls from the pound shop so extra soup I can freeze. I pre made veg in chicken stock soup and froze down before surgery too.

Meat soup and mash was my main food when I first got home as it was full of taste and as only eating 3 teaspoons I wanted them to be tasty and not milky!
Philly lightest plus other light philly with herbs or garlic.
sugar free cordial
cod fillets I make fish pie for hubby and the sauce and fish blends easily.
bottles of water 500ml I just re use the bottles but means I know that I need to drink at least four a day aim for 5.

I am still writing down my food , water and meds a day and times. I think it is useful to have a clock in every room.

Good luck with the puree diet. Its a shock to the system but still easier than the milk diet ;)



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Great help thank you. Just what I needed x