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Banders Daily Diet and Exercise Log



I stopped posting on here cause thought I was the only one. Happy to start again!


B - Cheerios with Semi Skimmed Milk
L - 2 Rivita
D - salad with chicken
Snack - a skinny latte

2 litres of water and 1 litre of Ribena light

Exercise Walking

Calories eaten: 1023
Calories burnt: 861
Net: 162

Note: Band adjustment and stuggling to eat more in quantity. Zumba class plus walking.


Oh wow, reading what you are eating looks like nothing compared to what I'm eating! If I ate as little as you I would be soooo hungry! how are you doing with weight loss? And how much in your band? X


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i eat alot more than that as well x

today: -

brekkie - warburtons thin toasted and boiled egg

lunch - 2 ryvita, ww tuna in tomato sauce and tomato

pm snack - mango and a chocolate shape dessert

tea - salmon, salad, feta and new potato

snack - will probably have a freddo or curly wurly or something and maybe a bag of sunbites

drinks - 2l water, and a few coffees at work

x x x

exercise - bike to work and back (25 minutes each way) and 40 minutes on cross trainer at gym


Today (night worker, so my day starts at 2pm and ends at 7am) I have eaten
B...apple and rice krispie square
L....warburtons s/wich thin, turkey
D....h/made corned beef hash,bean

Snacks..activia yog & special k cracker crisps

= 1245 cals, this is an average day for me. Exercise...30 mins dog walk.
It seems like so much compared to others but am losing 1-2lbs per week, I'm happy with that :)
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If you can eat a balanced diet and lose 1-2lbs per week sounds good to me :)


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I am a maintainer, I have eaten over 1500 calories a day on average this week and lost weight (2lbs)... :sigh: but I always have a tight week every month...so that week tend to have more slider food / more fat just to get some calories down... my food diary for yesterdays not the best example of a band friendly diet but I needed the fat :rolleyes: ... Having said that after over two years I know how my body works best with my band and go with the flow. If you ladies have found a great balance that works for you, I congratulate you. Just goes to show that to be successful, you don't necessarily need to go to the extremes of a very low calorie diet, you don't need to cut out everything, you don't need to go mad with the exercise. Moderation that is enjoyable and sustainable will hopefully result in long term maintenance :) :)

B ... Mullerlight yoghurt, 1/2 Starbucks frapacinno
L ... 3 x fruit Ryvita, 60g Brie
D ... Starter size Bubble and squeak, rasher of streaky bacon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce
S ... Protein bar, tyrells crisps

Calories 1612, protein 78g, carbs 122g


It seems I eat more than most of you. I sometimes have;
Breakfast; 1 or 2 toast, butter and marmalade or 40g fruit and fibre + 100ml milk
Lunch: eat everything especially roast chicken+ potatoes or cooked Fish and chips, beef stew(more protein and very little carbs)
Supper; 1 omelette sardine + Melba toast
Snack: sometimes, glass of milk Chocolate or milk.
Drink about 3litres a day. I don't exercise as my job is sedentary. Just walking up and down the stairs. But I believe on average I eat about 1350-1400kcl a day. seems like lots isn't it?
However, I still seem to loss weight with these diet. I believe , with my water intake it helps a lot because when I do not drink, I tend to stall. So I believe my tool is water and also I rarely snack as I tend to eat well during lunch time. But when I snack, I will have a glass of milk or fruits.
I have a 4mls in my 10mls band and I am three months post op. I have had just one fills , and my 2nd fills is in 2 weeks time. I think I need more restiction. I will try and incorporate some of the diets slated above into mine.


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Sounds a perfect balance to me, if you can enjoy your meals and still lose :D


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Going for a fill tomorrow, which is just as well as for the first time since having the band fitted I've been aware of feeling hungry all day! Probably time of the month, but it helps explain why I've eaten so much today!

Breakfast: 40g crunchy bran, dry.
Lunch: 4 ryvita thins, 40g light soft cheese with pesto, 2 light babybel, small bag apple slices.
Dinner: small lean lamb chop, 80g poached salmon, roasted veg (pepper, red onion, courgette, roasted with sprig of rosemary, undercooked to still have texture)

I've drunk a shedload of lemon and ginger tea today, and I have a litre of water I'll finish before bed.

maz71 v

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Hi all you lovely banders :)

Question: 5 weeks post op. do I attempt other fruit than bananas? If so with or with skin? Missing fruit.

First fill 2mw so will wait a week.. Not sure about diet yet, struggling to get past having sorts without living on ryvita alone lol xx


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Of course try other fruit if your provider says you can. Skin is difficult sometimes ... I find it easiest if I chop my fruit into small pieces. Orange-type fruits can be most difficult. Have fun and remember to chew well :)


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Lunch today in my hello kitty children's bowl...210 calories and 23g of protein....all chopped up to make sure I eat carefully...ham, egg, lettuce, cucumber, asparagus tips, sun dried tomatoes in oil, Beetroot...yum


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is the asparagus raw ?


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ok so....
B.... fage 0% greek yog 3tbsp with 3 tsp granola and a scoop of whey protein
MMS... 4 Aldi german sausage slices, one strawberry 0% actimel
L..... Meatballs in an italian tomato sauce
D.... Roasted turkey breast maybe with gravy and a little bit of veg!

All high in protein and small sideplate portions of each. For a snack this evening i may have some sliced chicken and a piece of cheese.


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No cooked ... Probably more cooked than I would have had it pre op. All my veggies have to be, which is a shame as I love them aldente. It's really weird nowadays as you have to concentrate so much on the eating slowly its amazing how Beetroot roots always seem to be still attached. When I used to wolf my food down I didn't notice. I am struggling with my last half of egg now. But I will eat it later for the protein :D


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Weightloss dreamer, lovely menu ... Its good for other banders to share ideas ... I just won't post a picture of a chocolate bar :rolleyes:


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I think I've been eating too much..but Ive messaged TK and she has kindly sent me a list of things to eat, which I shall start tomorrow :)

Special K about 35g
Oats so simple

Cottage Cheese, or Tuna
with a tossed salad
Sometimes 1/2 cracker bread
odd occasions
half a jacket potato

Chicken,or Salmon, or Stew,
assorted vegatables..but no potato etc
very occasionally small amount pasta

sorbet or small twister