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Banders Daily Diet and Exercise Log


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Band Daily Menus

I thought I would start this for you banders so you can compare daily intake & recipes, etc. Enjoy!

Here is some stuff from the BOSPA site about Gastric Band eating, as always follow your bariatric team's advice.
The first four weeks

You will start taking sips of water the day of your operation and the following day will probably be able to take free fluids. Once you are taking fluids easily, you can progress to puree.
The most important aspect of your eating plan for the first four weeks after band insertion is to make sure all your food is pureed and that you eat it in small quantities (4–5 small meals per day). To start with, you probably won't even feel very hungry.

  • The texture should be like smooth baby food (a good test is that it should pour off a spoon) and this is most easily achieved by using a food processor or hand–held blender. You can also use a potato masher for soft vegetables and potatoes and a sieve and spoon is also useful to remove lumps and pips. When you puree food, extra fluid may need to be added to get the smooth consistency. For savoury foods you might like to use packet or cook–in sauce mixes, gravy or the cooking water from your vegetables. For fruit and desserts, fruit juice will loosen the consistency.
  • The size of your meals – about 100g, or 5–6 tablespoons is the correct amount. Ensure you eat this slowly and take small mouthfuls. For the main meal of the day, you might find it easier to purchase and puree a ready meal such as a Shepherds Pie or Fish Pie (potato top) and a one–person serving will usually be sufficient for two meals for you at this stage.
  • Stop eating as soon as you start to feel full. Because your pouch is at the top of your stomach, the feeling of fullness you will get is different to what you are used to – it is felt more in your chest than in your stomach. Some people describe it as a tightness, some as a heaviness.
  • Drink 1.5 litres of water (2 1/2 pints) every day. Take it in 100–200ml glassfuls between meals, not with your meals.
Example meals during this stage:
Breakfast One Weetabix with milk or
A tub of yoghurt or fromage frais or
Three tablespoons of porridge or Ready Brek made up Lunch Smooth soup (about a cupful)or
Scrambled egg Dinner Shepherd's pie or
Fish pie or
Chicken in white sauce or
Mashed potato and cheese or
Pureed vegetables and mashed potato Between meal snacks (once per day) Custard with stewed apple or mashed banana or
Milk pudding (e.g. rice or sago) or
Yoghurt or fromage frais Fluids Water (not fizzy) or
Tea, coffee or skimmed milk or
Fruit juice or
Diet squash Weeks four to six

Continue eating the same sort of food you were for the first four weeks, but it does not need to be pureed – mashing will make it the consistency of “toddler food”. It should be still fairly soft though and keep to the same small quantities and eating 4–5 times per day. Make sure you chew each small mouthful well.
After the first six weeks

You are now ready to continue on your long term eating plan. At six weeks your first band fill is usually done and you will start to feel the restriction your band is making around the top of your stomach. Remember, you are not just eating small amounts to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight, but you are aiming for a healthy nutritious eating plan as well. Each individual differs in the foods they can eat, but there are six golden eating plan rules to follow if you are dedicated to obtaining the greatest benefit from your gastric band:

  • Eat three meals per day – your new pouch at the top of your stomach empties slowly throughout the day and you should be satisfied eating three meals a day without getting hungry in between meals. Beware of developing 'grazing' eating patterns of small snacks throughout the day.
  • Eat healthy, solid food – soft food slips down easily and whilst this has the benefit of being less likely to block your stoma, you will likely end up eating more over the course of the day. Many soft foods are also higher in fat or carbohydrates and as a consequence you may be taking more calories than you should and your weight loss will slow down or stop. Choose solid foods without lots of sauce (e.g. small meal of chicken and vegetables) and you will eat less overall and stay full for longer.
  • Eat slowly and stop as soon as you feel full – Most obese people are used to rushing their meals and as there is a time lag from stretching the wall of your stomach and telling your brain you are full, you need to be careful with this one or risk blockage, pain or vomiting. Take tiny bites (cut meat up to the size of a pencil–top rubber) and chew each piece 10–25 times. At some point you will start to feel a tightness in your chest. Stop eating and if you are hungry again a few minutes later, have a little more.
  • Do not eat between meals – you should not need to eat between meals because of hunger if you are eating three sensible meals per day.
  • Do not drink at meal times – Liquids speed up the passage of food through the stoma and ruin the beneficial effect of slow emptying of food from your new stomach pouch. If you have a drink immediately before your meal you may also find that your stomach is still full and you can't eat your meal. So avoid fluids half an hour before your meals, and for one hour afterwards.
  • All drinks should be zero calories – As liquids do pass through your stoma so easily, calorie laden drinks, including alcohol, will simply add calories to your daily intake. Women need calcium, and this can be obtained from skimmed milk, but avoid juice, fizzy drinks (the gas can also cause considerable pain), squashes and milkshakes.
A healthy diet

There are five main food groups and a healthy diet comprises a mix of them:

  • Protein foods – such as meat, fish, eggs, beans – include 2–3 60–90g (2–3oz) portions per day. You will have to particularly careful to chew meat, chicken and fish up thoroughly before you swallow – the recommended bite size is the size of a pencil–tip eraser.
  • Milk and dairy – choose low–fat cheese and limit amount to 30–60g (1–2 oz). Choose skimmed milk and low fat yogurt varieties.
  • Fruit and vegetables – try to have 4–5 portions per day. A small glassful of unsweetened fruit juice counts as one portion. Salads tend to be easily digested by most people with bands, and vegetables are good and filling as well as nutritious.
  • Carbohydrates – bread, potatoes and cereals. For most people with properly restricted bands, this group is somewhat harder to digest so you develop an in–built mechanism to reducing your carbohydrate intake! Replace soft bread in your diet with granary or wholemeal, or crisp breads which are more easily digestible. One small portion of 60–90g (2–3oz) at each meal will be fine.
  • Fats and sugary foods – use a small amount of olive oil for cooking and replace puddings with a low fat yogurt. As mentioned before, beware of the soft calorie–laden foods such as chocolate, sweets or ice cream.
Problem foods

Some foods are not tolerated very well after band placement, or may block the stoma and cause you to vomit. This again is very individual and some foods cause a problem for one band patient, but not the next. Vegetables and fruits that contain stringy fibres are particularly prone to be problematic.

  • Asparagus – cut up very small or blend into soup
  • Pineapple – juice is ok, fruit may be difficult to digest
  • Rhubarb – cut up very small or puree
  • Broccoli – the stalks may be problematic
  • Dried fruits – will swell inside you and should be avoided
  • Oranges – juice ok, flesh may be problematic
  • Meat – needs to chopped very small and chewed thoroughly
Foods such as coconut, crisps and soft white bread are sticky and difficult to digest.
Nuts (such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts) and popcorn may also cause obstruction unless they are well chewed to a paste, and are probably best avoided.
For best weight loss

Limit the following foods:

  • High calorie drinks (full milk, milkshakes, alcohol, fruit squashes, juice
  • Cakes, biscuits and desserts
  • Cereals with added sugar
  • Fats and fatty foods – butter, oils, snacks foods (crisps, peanuts), chips
  • Creamy soups



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Today i have eaten-
Brunch: Scrambled egg, 1 sausage without the skin.
Dinner: Chicken in white sauce with green beans.
Snacks: yogurt, small bowl of homemade soup (chicken, stock, brocolli)


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novice bypasser
today I've had

breakfast: branflakes (25-30g) mixed into 1 activia fat free yoghurt

lunch: approx 100g hummus & 3 ryvitas

dinner, will be trying: grilled bacon, new potato and leek (eaten from a saucer)


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Thanks Phatgirl, This is really helpfull. I'm just about to go onto pureed foods so all this is really new to me, I'm doing well. I lost 13lbs in the pre-op diet and 8lb this week, so i'm really happy with 21lb in 2 weeks! I had my band on the 2nd July. I have been given some meal ideas from the hospital and my OH has made pureed foods for me. Today i've had:

Half a weetabix
No added sugar Chocolate moose with skimmed milk 100mls
Tomato Soup 100mls
Water and coffee.

Thanks again for your thread. take care. x


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today ive had....

breakfast 9am cup of coffee

dinner 12.30 a 2 egg ham and mushroom omlette with tinned tomatoes.

lunch 6.30pm pea and ham soup

snack 4 cars water biscuits topped with dairy lea light, thin sliced tomato and a sprinkle of garlic salt.

drinks lots of water and suger free dilute juice x

spag boll small bowl @ 1 am not nice or good hate it, had this coz i been on the POP :rolleyes:

my typical sat night soz x
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B. 2 coffees

L. bowl of spag bol with a light sprinkle of grated cheese, NO PASTA

D. 1 tin of tomato soup.

snacks... 3 cars water biscuits with dairy lea light and sliced cucumber on top.

a hand full of salted pea nuts.

lots of water and juice.


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b. rice crispies

l. westlers hamburger, mash, peas and carrots.

d. 3 cream crackers with dairy lea light and cucumber and tomato sliced on top


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today tuesday

b. 1 coffee

l. prawn salad (prawns, iceberg lettuce, diced tomato & cucumber. and a tiny bit of prawn coleslaw)

d. egg and ham mayo (mayo light)with a side salad(iceberg lettuce toms and cucumber diced).

yes ive had salad twice today, i was in a salady mood lol :D


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Today i have had

Breakfast- Coffee

Lunch- 1 Fish finger, spoonful of peas, 3 chips, and a yoghurt

Tea (my sons 7th birthday)- Half a small slice of thin base pizza,veg crudites, teeny sausage roll, cocktail sausage.Jelly and ice cream.

Snack- bag of quavers.

Feel like a complete piggy at the moment- is this too much food?????


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nope emma its a birthday banders can have a treat on a special occasion xxx


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Breakfast - Missed, but had a cup of coffee (wasnt that hungry).

lunch - 2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt, with blueberries and raspberries and drizzle of honey.

Dinner: Homemade vegetable soup

Snack: 2 x carrs water biscuits spread with Laughing Cow xtra light cheese triangle - tablespoon mixed seeds.

water, squash (no added sugar), tea with sweetners throughout the day.



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Bad day Today

Its my time of the month and I could literally eat all round me, its very hard for me today

Breakfast: 1 slice of bacon and egg

Lunch: Cottage pie with gravy

Dinner: 7 oven chips with 1/2 battered fish and spagetti hoops

No added sugar dilute all day and 1 hot chocolate

Went for a 2 mile walk
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today wednesday

breakfast cup of coffee

lunch beef casserole with brockli cauli and peas

dinner prawn salad and a dolop of mayo light.

fluid in take my usual 2 litres of water or dilute sugar free juice.


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Today,Thursday, I have had the following:

Breakfast: Slimfast
Lunch: 2 x High Fibre Jacobs crackers,spead with Laughing Cow Xtra Light triangle. 1 tablespoon mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower and pine nuts)
Snack: Blueberries, raspberries, 2 spoons of greek yoghurt and drizzle of honey.
Evening Meal: Homemade vegetable soup.
No sugar added squash, pint of water, tea with sweetners.


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Thursday 16th July

Breakfast: Ham & cheese omelette with brown sauce

Lunch: Cottage pie with gravy & red & brown sauce

Dinner: 4 fish fingers & beans with red sauce

Snack: Tiny bowl of cereal

NAS dilute all day


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Friday 17th July


Breakfast: Small bowl of coco pops with ss milk

Lunch: Omelette with ham & cheese & brown sauce

Dinner: about 20 curry chips (from chinese), homemade soft noodles and black bean sauce with chilli (from chinese)

NAS dilute juice all day



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today friday.

b. cornflakes

L. 1/4 of a gammon steak, 1 dry fried egg, baked beans and mushrooms, i ate half of the meal.

D. tuna salad

drinks same as usual


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yesterday saturday

b. coffee

l. tin of pea & ham soup

d. tin of mulagtawny soup. packet of quavers