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Shoulda Hadda Bypass??


WLS Moderator
I just thought I would direct a thread to banders who feel like they made a mistake with their choice of op at times.
Particularly those who couldn't get funding for whatever reasons (luck of the draw) and had to finance the op themselves...and yep , couldn't quite afford the 10k for the bypass.
That would sum me up for sure. I just wanted to offer a hug to any other bander who feels sick with envy as the bypassers go whizzing down to their goals leaving us poor suckers in their dust.
By the way I don't begrudge anyone success I promise, I just wish I could get there so seemingly effortlessly. Believe me, although nothing about wls is easy at all, to me at times..just looking at some of the tickers romp along in hardly any time at all makes me feel like I wasted 7k.
I have got no fills left to have really , maybe another half mil and I have to count cals etc . I do some days feel like I haven't had anything done at all grrr. It could be just me being a big baby !
I just wanted to say, poor long haul banders...I salute you xxxxxx
I am sure one day we'll all reach goal and look back and know it was worth it but for now, feel free to come and moan in here !!!!
Aw Neen, you have done amazingly well to lose 104 lbs and should be proud of yourself. So Im sending you a hug too :hug99:

I do not regret for a second having my band as its helped me shift the weight I needed to for my op. When that is out of the way its all systems go to shift the rest.

I know you are always looking at ways to maximise your losses but would it be worth speaking to your team again. Sorry giving you advice here and you didnt ask for any - woops, just cant help myself.

Im sure we will reach our goals too and just remember we are all here to spur each other on! x x x
I know love x I think most of the loss so far is pure dumb luck to be honest!! I did ask to have a barium meal with an xray to just see how efficient it is in there but it will cost me £250 because as far as my team is concerned I am doing well (and therefore it's not necessary) and they are looking at it taking me about 4 years to lose my excess. (stuff that!!!!!!!!!! One year has already gone , I would rather not wait that much longer!)

I just feel a bit jaded and I am having a humungous amount of trouble getting back on the wagon after Xmas.
I wish I had your composure hun! xxxx
Passing you a virtual cup o tea :D
Hello, I had my band on monday I was told in auguest i wasnt allowed the band and they woudl only fund the bypass which i refused. I managed to "sweet talk" Mr Ammori into changing his mind and I was in the end given what i wanted.
The day of my op there were 2 more ops both bypass. When teh "specialist nurse" came to see me in all honesty she didnt really know what she was talking about and admitted she only really delt with teh bypass as they dont really do bands (not wonder if teh surgeon makes everyone have a bypass)
she did say though that the band will work and that it may take a little longer than teh bypass and not to get upset when i go back in 4 - 6 weeks and meet the people who had teh op the same day and they have lost loads bacuse it will work out in the end.

sorry rambling, just wanted to say that you have had a fab weight loss (so far) your band is there its not going anywhere you need to work with it. If you feel that somedays you dont have it at all is that becuase you are eating the wrong thing. You say you have to calorie count well bypass people seem to have to count everything protein etc and be on tablets.
I chose the band as i want to be in control, the bypass yes is a no brainer it will work (but you can also cheat it) but there are many bypass people who have a weight stall and thats all this is.

I am new and in all honesty am learning everyday and am full of enthusiasm for my new band so possibly a year from now i will be here moaning that i am only 4 stone lighter or something but wihout it i would still be 20 stone. If it fails (which it wont) but if it does i will not be trading it in for a bypass.

Whats happened has happened you have not wasted 7 grand at all you are doing fantastic i think you have just taken your eye off the ball a little.

Thanks for joining Helen, I think I am very impatient and weary of being fat really. I think pre op I convinced myself that the band would do more of the hard work than it can and that's partly the problem. At the end of the day I know it's been a positive thing as back when I started at over 25 stone I knew I had to do something fairly drastic to save me as I was no where capable of doing it alone at that point.
I am going to be continuing and sure I know I will eventually get to a healthy weight. This thread was more to offer some understanding to banders who feel frustrated with their slow progress further on from the op.
I'm glad you're enthusiastic thats fab, and I hope that you enjoy the process of getting some weight off this year.
I just wanted to vent my frustrations a bit as my op was in July 2008 and deep down I wanted to be at goal already. I still have 8 stone or so left to lose and sometimes it feels like I haven't even started my journey yet.
Hugs and a cup o tea for you as well missus
Thanks for the tea hun, just what I needed. Everyone feels jaded after xmas and the damn weather doesnt help does it. Roll on the spring eh! In the meantime Im going to give my food cupboards a clean out - ditch any xmas junk lurking.

Might be a stupid question but have they ever taken the lot out and refilled it? Im hoping to have that done after my op as Im sure some of the liquid will have gone.

Take care x
Heya Mazza...I did ask actually but my surgeon said the band can sometimes swell a bit and take in fluids from the body by itself....erm uh oh!!
My next appointment is with the nurse and I really don't want her doing the fill as the last time she did one I had a bit of an ordeal (not going into details) and she had to get the surgeon to complete it properly :sign0137:
Sooooo....to try not to waffle...I would need to rebook with the surgeon to do that..I was going to rebook for during the holidays so I think I will ask for that. (hopefully not get charged for it)
It's definately worth asking at least.
I am going to brainwash myself with more Biggest Loser from next week..amazing what a big influx of guilt will do isn't it
Neen, I didnt mean to come across as woohoo look at me i have just had it done blah blah, I know exactly where you are coming from and I know I will be absolutely gutted come christmas if i am nowhere near where i want to be. I have all my hopes and dreams counting on thsi bit of plastic.

I would hate to think that i also had to pay to have fills etc.. I think the NHS need a kick up the butt.

Thanks for the cup of tea and here's to a new year just dont forget how well you have done so far x
hy helen a freind of mine had her op at salford royal on monday with Mr Ammorie but she was having a`balluon as he was concerned about her having anasthetic till she looses some weight ..............kath x
Did she, well there were three on monday me, a girl called sarah and I have no idea who else as there were two other ladies waiting.
is she ok ?
Hope your feeling a little bit more inspired - i know it must be really hard going for banders but you can and will achieve great things with your weight loss (albeit slower than bypassers). It is no great shake being a bypasser either as the amount of food that my body just won't tolerate anymore leaves me quite restricted in what i am able to get into my body. I also do not enjoy eating food anymore so that little joy has gone (although i do like the smell of food cooking brings back nice memories). So don't be too disheartened - you have made an amazing weight loss so far and you will get to your goal so feel proud of yourself in what you have achieved so far.

Sending hugs with fairy dust to lift your spirits xx
Hi Neen

I'm with you on this one...I regret going for a band and not bypass (all down to finances)
I don't for one minute think that bypass would be easier (I'm rubbish at taking tablets/vitamins/supplements) but have had such a negative experience since my banding/aftercare and am such an impatient so and so...I long for this all to be over with...I can't ever envisage being slim :(

I hit a bit of a stumbling block yesterday and cried for the first time in ages due to sheer frustration, but I've just got to learn patience...I feel so isolated :confused:.

anyway...I'm still 2st 10lb down since I had my band fitted on 25/5/09...I should be happy but only feel dissatisfied :eek:

Yvonne xx
Sometimes I think..what if I had gone for a bypass instead of a band, how much more weight would I have lost in 6 months?

But then I think, i'm 23, I have another (hopefully) 60 years to live with my choice, for me personally, having my insides rearranged at 23 wasnt something I was willing to do. Maybe I would feel differently if I was 20 years older and had had my family etc
There will always be some part of me that wants to lose weight faster and a bypass would have been better for my starting BMI but I stand by my choice and plan to do the best I can with what I have paid 7k for :D
Thank you Topsy! I hope I don't come across as too negative there. This was mainly a little mention for us banders finding it hard going and feeling a bit unsure of how we'll get to where we wanna be...slowly for sure ;)
I was hoping we could boost each other a bit and catch up with you bypassers in the pound shifting stakes. I appreciate your support for us and totally understand that both ops have their good and bad bits xxx Hugs and a cup o fairy tea x
Heya Yvonne lovey and huge hugs and extra large cup o tea for you young lady. If there's anything I can do to help please let me know, you can always meet me in live chat or pm your tel number if you feel isolated. Crikey I do as well...I have my kids and Dean and thats my social circle right there! I have tons of hypnosis stuff which I find great sometimes so please pm me if you want to give that a go as I can zip some up for you to download and try. You aren't alone hun and I think part of my problem is when things are going rubbish I withdraw from here and get worse...hopefully if we stick together we can get right on it xxxxx
HI Bex!! Thanks for visiting ! You know, I have been so impressed by your attitude right from the get go..soon as you mentioned the gym and all you've been doing to make it work for you I knew for definate you would be successful and you have done fab!
I am glad I went for WLS no matter what, I am so impatient...afraid life is whizzing by too fast and as I spent far too long hiding away because I was ashamed of being fat. The band is frustrating but one thing I don't do is give up hope (moan...yes very much so) but give up heck noooo xxxx Cup o tea and hug for you and all x
Hi Neen, I'm also with you on this one hence one of the reasons I'm not around on here much these days. I feel like I've failed as I'm still at just under 4 stone loss and I had my band in may. I have'nt lost any weight in months and honestly don't know what to do next. I fell off the wagon due to illness and over christmas I have had so much stress with my Mum and my hubby being in hospital I have just eaten whatever I could get my hands on while running around like an mad woman for everyone. I too feel that maybe if I'd had the bypass I would have done so much better and I would'nt have been able to eat the rubbish I have been eating. I'm hoping to get back on track now everyones out of hospital. I was'nt brave enough to have the bypass but wish I had have been. Hang on in there because you have had a great weight loss. I only wish mine was as good as yours. Well done to you sweetheartxxx
Oh no sweetheart - you didn't come across negative i just wanted you to know how well you have done and that it is a great achievement. I initially wanted a band but because my weight gain was due to medication and lifestyle (not food) i was told as i already eat a healthy balanced diet my weight loss would be not good enough - so my chose they gave me was a bypass or nothing.

I think being a bander is a good positive way in which to lose your weight and i take my hat off to you all - especially when you have your fills i think i wouldn't cope with having them!!!! You keep up your excellent work and anytime you need a bit of a hug - remember me.

Sending hugs with fairy dust xx