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Shrove Tuesday


Home from the USA :-(
Will any of you be indulging in pancakes today?

I have to cook them for the children, I might have half a pancake with diabetic jam on, unless I can find a good savoury recipe.

I was wondering about making fajitas but with crepe instead of tortilla. Not sure anyone else would eat it.

Any other bypass friendly pancake recipes?

(and yes, I do know how unhealthy they are!!)

R x


New Member
I'm hoping to be able to manage some of a pancake, as I will definitely have to make them for the kids. Will just be going traditional though with lemon and sugar (splenda for me). I'm really hoping it goes down OK. x


Really living now!
I made one on Saturday (always was a bit premature!) and I had it with fresh strawberries that I'd cooked in some splenda and a little water. It was lovely but one was definitely enough! I'm going to have one today with lemon and splenda and a little cream.


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As a pre opper i have to say i'm cooking them today and the kids aren't here, i intend to have more than one :) Enjoy ladies n gents xx