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Gastric Balloon Spatz Balloon going in tomorrow!


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I to would like some info on this .. My daughter is probably 28st .. Again she cannot get anywhere through NHS , she has no markers health wise ..I want to raise the money for her ASAP
I did call the people I used .. They told me the Spatz costs around £4500 which really suprised me as the band I had done was only £1500 more and it's permanent .. So I was a bit shocked by this ..


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The only thing with the balloon is once it comes out what then?! For me I would have just piled it back on and gone straight back to old habits.
Yeah, with the balloon coming out its going to be a struggle. You really have to change mindset. I've been told once I have my balloon in for 6months, it will be taken out and I will be normal for two weeks before my bypass. I've been told I will more than likely put on a bit of weight during this time as my stomache will all of a sudden be empty and i will just want to fill it. Im currently training the mind on how to make better choices. Today is the start of a new week which means PREP!! I've been cooking chicken with veg, enough for the week, cooked and ready just to be heated up. It really is MIND CONTROL. For me, if nothings cooked and ready, the lazy in me will just order in, eat crap or snack and graze during the cookin period.

los in it

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How does the saying go" fail to prepare,prepare to fail" sounds like never a true words said I think


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It's a hard thing to keep occupied so we don't boredom eat . I'm struggling with this at the moment . I'm waiting for my first band fill ..
Find something to do with your hands ..
Can you knit ? Your local maternity hospital would probably love some baby bonnets and cardis for the smaller babies in care ..
Read .. Everything you can possible lay on your eyes on that has anything to do with WLS . Surf the Internet and find and educate yourself about what's going to happen to you ..
Gather recipies . Healthy eating , as we don't diet lol ! Take trips around the supermarket and seek out those healthy foods , you may never have even seen them before , like me , but they were there all the time , write them down and keep a note book on you at all times ..
Don't go down the aisles with junk food in , the bright colours are intentional , they will pull you in and tempt you ..
Batch cooking is a must . £1 shops sell 10 plastic containers and also the take away containers ..
If you feel the need for carbs , eat some fruit or make a smoothie .. Put a face pack on , that way you can't eat ! Lol !

These are some of the things I use to steer me away from temptation ..


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how many ml of saline fluid did they pump in the spatz baloon? coz i just got my placed yesterday and i feel hungry all the time. they told me they'll put 500ml but the only filled it up to 400ml. i dont feel full :(