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interesting question i was wondering myself


It is where scar tissue gets in the way and makes it difficult to eat, in my case I couldn't keep food or drinks down as soon as they went down I running to the bathroom, I sawmy consultant as an emergency and was told I need a stretch to say I was petrified was a understatement I would have gone through 10 bypasses instead of what I was told would happen. On the day I told them how scared I was and they were fantastic I was given mouth spray to numb my throat and then sedated the next thing I no I was in the recovery bay and from that day to this I have never had a problem again :) they also took pictures whilst I was there so my surgeon could also look at them, which he showed to me which was strange but if anyone needs to have a stretch don't worry it's a walk in the park :)


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I had to have 2 stretches but they're over with quickly enough although they were unpleasant.

Basically the entrance to my pouch was too restrictive thanks to scar tissue and the surgeon uses an endoscope via the throat to stretch the scar tissue with a balloon. It's a day case so you don't need to be in overnight and there's no general anaesthetic so you're awake through the proccedure but you can ask for sedation (it depends on your tollerance for having things down your throat, I know a couple of people here had stretches without sedation but I definitely needed it) and you usually get a numbing throat spray.

Hope this helps.


I was told to go back to basics for a few days so soup, fluids and then onto mushy foods


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I have had 2 stretches and am very sure i need another one now 13 months post op, for me i had mega pain and serious nausea when i ate or drank, for me i needed a stretch was in a place i think lower to most people my stretch was right at the bottom of my oesophagus next to my bowel where my body had kind of made a second little pouch which had narrowed and caused probs. The first 2 stretches i had with an endoscopy and the last procedure i had under general. The docs do say that sometimes it can take up 2 three stretches till the prob is resolved permanently, for some its on the first time but i am greedy i need all 3 lool x