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Struggling to lose weight after 18 months of gastric band

I am nearly 2 years into the gastric band op - pre op weight was 21st 7lbs and I now weigh 17st - I appreciate that this is a lot of weight to lose but I did think that I would be at least 7 or 8 stone lighter by now.

I can still eat a good size meal although this is about a quarter of what I used to eat. I am not religious at eating the correct foods but have reduced my calorie intake. I can go weeks without losing weight regardless of how much I do or don't eat.
I don't exercise very much due to arthritis in both knees probably brought on by years of weight on them.
I am very disillusioned about it all and wondered if anyone else was having or had had similar problems.
I am making another appointment of Bromsgrove THG to go and have a chat with them but any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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How many fills have you had ?

I would log absolutely everything you eat and drink on MFP for the next few days extra calories in drinks can really add up and as you weigh so much less your daily calorie intake will probably need reducing.

Good luck xx


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Mmmm, sounds like there are some sneaky calories getting in somewhere!

My downfall is probably alcohol...

Don't give up, I'm sure you can get the band working harder for you, and don't forget how brilliantly you've done already. 4.5 stone in 18 months is a fantastic achievement, so don't feel too despondent.


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Have you tried myfitnesspal? It has just about any food/drink you can imagine and really helps to track every calorie as you can add it as you eat. Just a though :)


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Wd on the loss so far thats brilliant.... but as i've learned the first few stones are the easiest to loose ...then comes the hard work!!!
I have learned just by logging on mfp and wearing my fitbit that eating less is just not enough to get my weight loss. Thats where the fills come in :) Or more exercise.......

I am 8 months post op and still have an empty band. i log my intake daily, and have been pretty lapse the last few weeks , and the scales are reflecting that LOL But the flip side of the coin is the exercising..... if your eating a fair size portion (like i am) the cals do add up and without burning many cals its not going to shift unfortunately.............. so you either need to decrease cals or up exercise... if you unable to move much then a fill would help greatly.

I know that if i have a home day my intake needs to be much much less in order to get a loss ............example............. to get -2lb loss i need a -1000 cals a day SO that means if i eat 1000 cals i need to burn 2000 of course you use some just being.... but it helps greatly if you can get up and move more + a fill and you'll be on your way again soon :)

Gl with your continued band journey x x x and more losses too :)