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Is there such a thing as too much swimming?
I am now 6 weeks post-op, I have been swimming 3-4 times a week for the last 4 weeks and do at least 30 lengths breast stroke of the 25 metre pool every time. I feel great, and miss it on the days I do not go...... work restrictions and pool times clash, would it be ok to every day if I could?

Fading Grace

Fading Away
I swam a lot when I first have my bypass, not as much as you, but about 2 times a week. I think swimming is fairly safe as long as you don't over do it. If you enjoy it and you feel good then I don't see an issue but maybe get a professional opinion just to be on the safe side? :D


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Thank you FadingGrace, I will get a professional opinion, I just remembered I actually have a fitness assessment in January with a sports doctor/therapist at the clinic I attend, so I will ask him when I get to see him, I LOVE the swimming, I feel like it totally agrees with me, hate running and jumping around on a floor, hurts my back!

Thank again xx

los in it

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if you feel good and nothing is hurting then I say carry on but to be extra sure have a chat with your team


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The only danger is if you drown! Other than that go for it..it's low impact and very good for you, your body will tell you if it's had enough.


Fit and fantastic!
I went back to my three Aquafit classes a week from about four weeks after my bypass. Lived to tell the tale. Swimming is a great form of exercise. As the weight comes off you might find yourself doing other activities. If you are interested I have a long thread about my journey titled 'Fit and Fabulous ...' in the 'Gastric Bypass RNY: Inspirational photos before and after' section of this forum. Take a look if you like. Carry on, you are doing really well xxx


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The swimming is on hold for a couple of weeks, I am currently dog sitting, got 11 (including my own 2) in the house right now, yikes!
It is now an endless round of walking in the vineyards, I have done 3 trips today, an hour each time, shattered is not the word!
Roll on 4th Jan, when they have gone home :)