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The Thanks Button!


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The 'Thanks' button is found on the bottom right of other members posts to give 'Thanks' if you like what they have posted. It will appear in a little box under their post. To read it click on 'Show me' and it drops down and you can see the list of people who have given 'Thanks'.
If you hit the 'Show me' again it will close the box.

The 'Thanks' option is in addition to giving rep, but as you have to spread your rep around and in the meantime a post might come up that you want to acknowledge.

You have to have 50 posts to avail of this 'Thanks' system.


Permissions have changed and the 'Thanks Button' is now available to all newbies.

Posts more than three days old can no longer receive 'Thanks' but they can still receive reputation.

You will not find a 'Thanks' button on your own posts as you cannot give 'Thanks' to yourself.:thankyou:
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Thanks, was wondering why the thanks box was non-existant for me yet!


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I was wondering why I couldnt thank people! Its a shame since as a new-be loads of people have helped me and I cant thank them fr it, although I always try to say thank you in threads, oh well I just need to post some more :)


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get posting then hun!! the best way to up your posts is to play some of the games like "the last word" or the "3 word story game" you will be soon up to 50 and thanking all over the place