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How to use all the commands you see in MiniMins Message Area!


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How to use all the commands you see in MiniMins Message Area!
When you start a new post, you have SERVERAL options on how to format your text! Here is a list of what the buttoms in the text editor in "advanced mode" will do for you!!

Spell Check your replies before posting can be found on the right hand corner side of your reply box, just above the box of Smilies.

ABC with a tick under it...if you click on it you can download your spell check and follow the instructions. You only have to do this once and then it will be there forevermore.

However! This option is only available on Internet Explorer.

This will switch you between WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) to command based formatting

The "Fonts" area allows you to choose different fonts for your text

The "sizes" area allows you to change font size

allows you to change the font color

This allows you to add smilies other than the ones in the box to the right of the text area

If the attachments option was enabled, this is how you would upload attachments

This is UNDO - it will reverse your last action.

This is REDO it will undo your undo!

The B, U and I stand for Bold, Underline and Italics - all apply to the text you type

This is to make all of your text "Left Justified" which means it will all line up on the left side of the screen

This will center your text

This will line all of your text to the right side of the screen

This will allow you to make a numbered list. Select all text for the list and click this button

This will allow you to make a bulleted list - see above for instructions

This will "outdent" your text - select text and click this button

This will INDENT a selected block of text

This allows you to put a link and instead of it showing up as http://blog.minimins.com, you can add text like "Click Here" and the link will be attached to the text.

This allows you to remove an underlying link from specific text

This allows you to add an clickable email address

Click this button to add a picture to your post

Add your text in a quote box

The last 3 buttons are so you can add code, HTML or PHP - none of which are allowed on here
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That's really useful thanks. The only thing I don't get is that you say clicking on the smilie will get you more than the standard smilies in the box on the right. I just get a drop down menu of the same ones. How do I add some of my own, is this poss ? Thanks, Melissa


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Loadsa nice stuff on there thanks ! Also have some nice graphics on my computer but I can't copy and paste any of it into a message, what am I doing wrong ??? I can only insert the standard smilies. Any help gratefully received !


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If you use internet explorer, its just copy and paste into the message.

Right click on the image, select copy, then right click in the message and left click paste

However, if your using another browser, you have click on the image copy its Address, then use the button that looks like this:
and paste it into that.

Hope that helps,



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Ah ok yes.

I was trying to copy and paste some from "my pictures" which is where I had stashed some of the graphics from the link you gave me above. Guess this isn't going to work as it isn't copy/pasting from html ?


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You would have to upload them to the photogallery, or photobucket or some sort of image hosting service first.



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so what do i change in the code then please, i know nothing about php boards lol, they arnt something i have dealt with before, thanks gill


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You can go to userCP and click edit options.

At the bottom theres an option to do a count down timer, like the one in my signature.