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Tier 3 journey


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Hi everyone
I've started my tier 3 journey at the l and d hospital. I met with the dietician this week and return to see her in 5 weeks. However I got a letter today to invite me to an appointment to meet the anesthetics consultant Dr Em Lang. Does anyone know why I am meeting him now? I thought I would meet him until tier 4?

Many thanks

Bling Babe

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Hi and welcome I had my bypass at Luton and Dunstable in April 2017, I didn’t see the anyone until I moved to tier 4, hav said that I know the way they are working on the list has changed in recent months, I wouldn’t worry about it though it can only be a good thing, keep in touch with us and keep postin. Once you reach 100 posts you will be able to access the bronze section of the forum which is where a lot of us have put our diaries (it a little more private) in the meantime read as many diaries as you can and research all available information.
good luck