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Tmi problems with sex


New Member
I all a little advice needed please I had bypass 4 months ago and have lost 4 and a half stone since and 4 before op but for the last 3 months or so sex has been difficult as my lady bits are very dry.
It's not because I don't want to as I defo do lol.
Could it be a hormone thing I'm only 38 am I passed it now lol

Paula Garner

Well-Known Member
Go and get some KY jelly and have some fun!! It could be your body adjusting to the drastic changes. If it continues, go and see your GP :)


Well-Known Member
There are so many kinds of lube out there, you can even pick up the Durex "play" range when doing your weekly shop :)


New Member
I can recommend the play range, safe for use with condoms, not greasy.

I really hope you're not past it as I'm a year older than you lol! Enjoy yourself:)

Lincs Lass

New Member
Giggling my head off here and can't tell my 15 year old son why!!!