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Weight Loss Pics


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Thought I'd do a few pics here I'm no where near finished but I am well on my way :)

22st 7lbs at the start, had my op 22nd Nov 13


  • 07 Nov 13 C.jpg
    07 Nov 13 C.jpg
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  • 07 Nov 2013 D.jpg
    07 Nov 2013 D.jpg
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  • 12th April 14 (1).jpg
    12th April 14 (1).jpg
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  • 12th April 14 (4).jpg
    12th April 14 (4).jpg
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Wow you look fantastic!!! And I agree with the reply above, gorgeous waist!!! :) well done butterfly!!!!!xx
Popped out to see a friend as its a lovely day and for the first time in ages I didn't feel like I was wearing a tent to cover myself up


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    photo (16).JPG
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You have a brilliant hour glass figure and you look amazing!

Well done!
What Mini said is exactly what I thought! Well done x
100lbs gone

Excuse the quality pics taken by a 4 yr old :)


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An amazing difference, massive well done x
1st pic is Nov 2013
2nd pic is Dec 2013
3rd pic is April 2014
4th pic is today 29/5/14


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Just amazing, well done hun x