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weight loss


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Hi all

I had my op 5months ago now. Ive lost 8stone and 2lbs!! Very happy girl!! Was just wondering if anyone had any stories to share. Ive not really spoken to anyone about my op :(


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Wow! 8stone in 5 months -go you!!!

I had my op just over 6 months ago and lost 5 and a half stone in total but am almost at my first target of a bmi of 25 :)

Can't say I have any real stories, all been quite unremarkable I'm pleased to say :) I can eat pretty much everything just in small quantities - perfect :)


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Wow well done!! I wish my bmi was that low lol!!

I like you seem to be able to stomach anything! Not sure its such a good thing though!

My journeys pretty boring tbh. Although i started walking at the end of January and can now run 5k!

los in it

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very well done you! I was 25 stone on my surgery day (was 28 when I started the whole wls journey)as of this Monday past(18/5/2015)8 months to the day of my surgery I weight 16.4 stone!!yay!!!!!
my life as changed so much I now walk nearly everywhere have bags of energy attend zumba classes and loving life its all the little things that give me a buzz ,picking smaller clothes,buying bits from primark ! crossing my legs feeling my collar bone and knees banging together when I sleep at night
the biggest I guess is not having food ruling my lifeas much as it use to do
keep up the good work


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Thats similar to me. I was 24.4 at the start im now 16.1. my op was the 16th December 2014

Im exercising a lot!! Have done 3 5k's and have a few more booked! Amazing really how much you can do without the extra weight!! Ive even entered a moonlight walk in sept which is a marathon distance (26.2miles). Crazy!! I only started exercising at the end of January!

Im at a really annoying stage where im between sizes!! Trying to buy the bare minimum as im dropping so quickly i dont want to waste money!

Its so nice to hear how everyone is doing :):)


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Im 18 months post bypass, I am half the woman I once was (22st 7 to 10st 13) I am still losing very s-l-o-w-l-y which suits me as I would like to lose 6 more lbs to get to the "normal" bmi :)


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Wow! I hope i can get to that weight!!

My surgeon said ny ideal weight is around 10.5stone but my expected weight loss is 11stone al in!! So to be just under 3stone off my target loss in 5months there is hope!! Fingers crossed.

Its amazing what a new lease of life it brings to you!!


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Hi all I had my op 5months ago now. Ive lost 8stone and 2lbs!! Very happy girl!! Was just wondering if anyone had any stories to share. Ive not really spoken to anyone about my op :(
Incredible achievement, well done. :)


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Ahh thanks :) ita not too bad! Im kind of buying things very little and wearing until they look ridiculous lol!!

But i feel amazing!! I have 2stone and 10lbs to go until ive hit the weight the surgeons expect me to lose! Hears to hoping i lose more!!



Hi Emily,
Just saw this after your cracker question.I think 5 months on, that should be fine but like me, you are also worried about this carb intake. My sleeve is unfortunately very tolerant...
So trying to keep away, unsuccessful, for the last few weeks.

Well done on your amazing weight loss!


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The last few weeks I've more changed in shape than weight!!

At the start of my journey I was a size 26/28. I then stayed at a size 22 and over the last few weeks I've dropped to an 18 and can fit in some size 16 clothes!! Very strange but I love it!!


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At the start of my surgery I was a size 26/28 had dropped to a size 22. And over the last few weeks I've barely dropped weight but am wearing a size 18 clothes and can fit into a 16!!

Very strange how it works :)