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What the heck-bikini shot pics :)

Jo, you look fab!!!!!!
Your legs have like halved!!! Lucky you... my are still huge :( he Ho years of horse riding and cycling for you. You look amazing xxx
Ah thanks ladies...you're too kind..what a sumo wrestler I used to be...! :D
You look really toned , you've done amazingly! Do you goto the gym a lot? X
You look fabulous!And yes your arse has disappeared!Legs look good too,I envy your youth and the way your body has turned out,good on you honey!Maz x
You look lovely Jo - you're a real babe already. You can't have too much further to go?
Ladies...lol...I'm 40 so no spring chicken!! Must have taken the pics in good light! :) I have built up exercise from day 1, but yes I've walked, jogged etc on the treadmill I bought just after my op...I do believe it's because of that it's all gone to plan..doesn't mean I enjoy it but it's a means to an end!! I'm thinking 1 stone and stop...just want a glimmer of the 10s!! :) xx
you look great, if i look as good as that hen i have lost enough weight i will be one happy bunny. xxxx
WELL DONE YOU - Fab piccy's xx
You look proper ace!!! Well done lass :)
Well who ever said less is more was bang on the chuffin money in your case honey. You have done a great job and look proper champion xxx
Thanks all, if it spurs a handful of you on then my deed is done...work hard and watch the weight go!! Good luck all xx
you look amazing!!! well done your hard work has paid off! x
Fabulous, well done x