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Your highs, your lows and your totally unexpecteds post MGB?


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Dear MGB'ers

As my operation date looms closer I was just wondering what have been your highs, lows and the things that were most unexpected about your MGB surgery or indeed life after.

Interested in anything that you've found hard to adapt to, has it made you do things differently perhaps in ways you were not expecting? Have you chosen to follow any specific diet post op or what is it that is working for you?

Would really love some feedback, positive and negative if there's negatives to be as prepared as I can be for life post band to MGB conversion.

Thanks to anyone who responds -


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Hello there Kat! Welcome to the MGB club.

I had the MGB in December and my life has completely changed (mostly for the better) since having it done.

Feeling healthier and being able to walk without feeling like my legs are going to give in. Of course I love looking smaller but not feeling like a hot sweaty mess has been absolutely wonderful.
  • Losing 7 stone.
  • New found love for cooking healthy meals. I've found an alternative for a lot of foods that I used to love and it's been a joy trying out new recipes.
  • This is just what works for me but I've cut out most carbohydrates except for potatoes, so that has been a bit difficult at times. I still crave pizza, cake and bread, but most of the time it's just head hunger. Right now I'd love a piece of carrot cake...
  • Being very ill immediately after my op and not having the support I would have liked. This is rare though and I no longer have any op-related problems. At the time I thought I would never get better again and I immediately regretted getting the op, suffice to say, my mind has since been changed.
  • Nothing too dramatic but I wasn't expecting the constipation! I hadn't prepared for this at the beginning even after having done copious amounts of research.
  • I was prepared for my hair to fall out and it did for a bit, but actually my hair has been super healthy in recent months, I think it's because I've been eating better.
  • I've always loved fruit but I have problems digesting some of the skins so I rarely eat it now which is a shame.
  • The fact that I can eat quite a bit now even though I'm only 6 months, I don't mean like what I ate before, but it does mean I need to be more careful. I've taken the motto 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should' very seriously, to prevent weight gain.

On the whole, this has been the best decision I've made. A few bumps a long the way, but that's just how it is. I wish I had saved up the money to do it sooner.


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Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it! I'm currently in Belgium with my surgery tomorrow (OMG lol)

los in it

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All the very best top kat