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a second chance perhaps?


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Cheryl, I am soo sorry this has happened. I think its time some GP's were educated into how all this affects us people who need wls in an emotional way as they seem to deliver these blows without any thought or consequence.

I don't know what to suggest as your next move, apart from move house to an area that does provide WLS. I hope your ok and don't forget that this might just be a temporary withdrawal of funds. Don't forget we are here for you with or without surgery..xxx


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cheryl im so sorry hun i really am .... this weigth thing is such a struggle :( .. try not to get to down about things ok sweetheart xx


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I recently spoke to one of the managment at Charing cross who told me the loop holes are closing fast. I know I was lucky to get my surgery without the funding as things have got much worse for PCT's in recent times. I know someone who works for the PCT and she said they are having to hold funding for some things because of the cost of the swine flu.

All I can say is keep trying. I know how you feel as I spent 2 years trying for this surgery. IT ISN'T FAIR!!!! Some PCT will pay and others are flatly refusing.
Hiya i to have had problems with the pct here in shropshire, i was under mr sigguirdson who i have seen once he agreed with me that surgery was for me, he then lost the contract for doing the operations so now we are being sent to the heartlands in birmingham, the pct woman told me funding is in place if its what the dr says i need as my bmi is 53, so now ive been waiting for a appointment to see someone since july, ive got a appointment in january at the heartlands to see mr taheri who ive been informend is not a surgeon so it sounds like im at the begining of the ladder....
i to have LYMPHODEMA CHERYL, and im hoping that surgery will help my illness xx
sending u huggs CHERYL ur not alone hunni xxxxx


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thank you all for ur kind replies.
if only the nhs cared for people the way the people on this forum do.
i dont think i could feel much lower than i have all today which led to exactly what i knew it would lead to... eating and eating and eating :break_diet:
now i feel guilty about bingeing which im trying hard to tackle as this could be the beginning of a known vicious circle, guilt, binge, guilt , binge etc etc. :sigh: