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Almost 5 years post bypass


New Member
Hi Crystal, I have just joined this site today as I feel that I need a little motivation as I am two years post op but have just gained about 7 Lb !!! OUCH. Anyway as I am newbie and not used to this site I hope I will be able to get advise and chit chat from you and other self-minded people to get me back on track .......and of course to chat to new friends.Lesley x
Welcome Lesley.. Everyone's a friendly bunch on here :)


I so agree with everything you have said. I had my bypass in October 2009 and lost all my weight and a wee bit more. However I've had long term eating issues and also depression. Was put on a med and one of the side effects was weight gain. My psych didn't seem concerned with this but over a few weeks I put on over a stone!!! This obv affected my mental health more and triggered my eating again. I'm now more than 2 stone overweight and getting worse. I really don't know what to do.

I funded my own bypass by taking out a big loan cos this was going to solve my problems....... Na it didn't, I really think a psych evaluation should be done first. It's no easy fix, all the demons are still there.
I too would appreciate any advice. Could we be buddies?? X